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Roleplayer’s Off Topic Thread #5

The Holy Poll  

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5 hours ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

That happens everywhere except maybe San Francisco lol. Especially black families.

Me, I just don't get why you gotta be super flamboyant and all in people's face about it. I don't walk around yelling "Hell yea boi I LUV da pussy, pussy pussy pussy! Mmmm gimme dat pussy! DAMN I'm straight, holy SHIT

Weeeell, you do talk about pussy a lot. XD

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"If you know me you know I don't keep up with the times. I just go with the flow." - Woody Copeland, life coach

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44 minutes ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

Hey hey hey, what I say on the phone, in PMs or on this site doesn’t count XD Only in public.

:rofl: You are pretty out there with the liking of pussy in here, but I mean, who can blame you really? Vagene changes lives my dude lmao

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Already seen it ;) Waiting for the next season.

Interesting and sad tidbit, Dolores the actress was raped twice, and kidnapped/tortured... I honestly have no idea how she could reenact something so similar to her circumstances. Takes a lot of strength.

"Even the hardest dick must go flaccid." -Colonelkillabee

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10 minutes ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

Ill watch Logan next while I have HBO again for a bit

Finally! XD 

I wish that the rest of the DC movies were as good as Wonder Woman. Truth be told I’m more interested in what that universe has to offer than I am in Marvel. Too bad they’re losing that battle pretty handily. 


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57 minutes ago, Centurion said:

Not to hate but ehhh that’s a litter 1942 don’t you think? XD

Not to me since the first time I heard the name was in West World :P When something is old enough, it becomes new to those that never heard it.

Besides, modern names are dull. "Kaitlin, Christie, Haley," meh. So basic. 

"Even the hardest dick must go flaccid." -Colonelkillabee

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