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  1. The hype instantly died on Bandai Namco's stream once they admitted no Elden Ring stuff. People were p i s s e d
  2. I still remember this sick ass dream I had about the Institute years and years before Fallout 4 was announced. I'd actually make it kinda like what I imagined as a kid. Have the Institute use something between Big M.T. and Enclave levels of technology instead of being the squeaky clean star trek bullshit. And I'd make it where the Wasteland inhabitants know of the Institute in some mythical fashion as instead of being abandoned and entirely underground, the C.I.T is this heavily fortified and near impenetrable bastion. With networks of trenches around the building patrolled by synths and
  3. Joe Baker could bench press Mr. X, get that weak shit outta here.
  4. The OG Brotherhood does have in my opinion on of the most intimidating figures, Paladin Rhombus. He wouldn't be so much compared to future games, but in the wasteland of Fallout 1, you best hope you dont piss him off. Thankfully my character talked himself out of getting curbed stomped when I was trespassing.
  5. If Fallout 76 was less a MMO and more a traditional Fallout that's meant to be played with a few friends, I think it'd be one of the best. Good writing and worldbuilding considered too.
  6. You know what makes me salty? Seeing how cool the movesets of weapons are in the hands of enemies, but when the player gets it, they use the boring vanilla ones. How cool would it be if the lothric knight straight sword R2's had hyper armor and did those cool three hit combos for example. Man I really hope Elden Ring adds better movesets to weapons, that was one of the things Ds2 did flawlessly was adding variation to the different weapons.
  7. Gwyn has an existential crisis when his nightlight goes out.
  8. We have the power of cheeseburgers and drones now. America Fuck Yeah
  9. Farthest back I can trace mine is to a bastard French (lesser) noblewoman who came to America either in the late 1600's or 1700's
  10. Are we also not gonna talk about the giant Mask of the Father rolling towards the player spewing flames?
  11. Wasn't Colonel going with King Arthur and Balrog with the Black Knight?
  12. @ColonelKillaBee @The Good Doctor @BigBossBalrog I'm still holding you all to our pact, my first character will 100% be Brave Sir Robin. Who bravely runs away on his deer.
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