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  1. This mod is actually really good, and I dig the review too. It's entertaining.
  2. Balrog looking at a female npc: I pronounce you with gay.
  3. Found a neat bit of fanart of Belharza and Alessia. Getting serious Etruscan vibes from those outfits.
  4. Oh you sorry foooools. It was a joke about how colonel likes Dragon Ball Z and Goku, so I was joking that Colonel would do a self insert but making the self insert like a super saiyan due to said enjoyment of Dragon Ball Z.
  5. Colonel just wanted to be a part of the writing team, and to make a self insert Gokulonel hybrid.
  6. @ColonelKillaBee @The Good Doctor I'm still holding you two to play as monty python and the holy grail characters. I'll still be Brave Sir Robin.
  7. Yo Balrog, have you head of Dark Souls Remastest by InfernoPlus? It's actually quite active on discord and besides having meme maps like ports from Halo 1 and 2 to play on, it does some overhauls that makes pvp so much better in 1. Best part is if you follow some instructions that's pinned, you can download a version without buying a key on some shady website. Kinda like what you did for us with Halo SPV3
  8. I wonder how pissed the heads of From are now Someone leaked it from inside the company, had to have been.
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