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  1. We're just primitive beings, unable to understand the majesty of the Greater Will in human form.
  2. Eavesdrops in Elden Ring: "Hnnng uuuehgh, eeeh?"~Soldier or Godrick
  3. It's been an age since I've played Sekiro, but I believe they're separated. Don't quote me on this but I also believe items are not truly consumed during those fights and return at the end
  4. Destined Death also used to be unfathomably more potent before the Black Knifes stole much of its power, spreading it out and diluting it. Considering how heavy and fast the health drain from Maliketh is at this fraction of its power, it probably legit was a one shot before.
  5. Must have been a dlc enemy as I never saw anything like that when I played Doom 3. Which I will defend to the grave is a good Doom game
  6. The twin curved swords are okay. They're on the weaker side with weird scaling. The curved greatsword is alright too, it's primarily a strength weapon with some faith requirement. The weapon art is a total disappointment when compared to how the enemy uses it. Also while the curved swords are farmable, the greatsword is from a guaranteed drop
  7. Bro, rock the Kingly Jack look when fighting Godfrey
  8. @The Good Doctor If you ever make your Samurai Jack cosplay in Elden Ring, you gonna be Kingly or Armored Jack?
  9. Bros thought they were Enchanted Knights. Only Carians are capable of such gigachaddery
  10. Messmer is built different. I love the lightning and storm versions, but that frost version is so fucking broken.
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