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  1. Colonel let me use his account when Mando's first season was on.
  2. The Head-Taking Nords of Clan Borr Rolff Spindle-Foot ~3e 397 "Weak men are protected by giants, who then do the giants seek as hearthguard? The hird of Borr." This most boastful word-saying is a strong reflection of this far northerly tribe of Nords. Who are no more foreigners than the giants of the isle-hinterland. Clan Borr might be described as first era tribe far too isolated and thrice more stubborn to change with the passing of time. It is a testament to the prowess of the clan that for all the collective, ingrained death obsession, they have persisted in strength and spl
  3. Why does patches look like a grandmother and grandfather fused together? Did that fucker get tired of of the world ending and decide to go back in time?
  4. I'm so jealous Balrog's the only one here with Demon Souls Its excellent to hear they didnt mess up and instead heavily improved it! I've been avoiding reviews, gameplay, anything involving it until I play myself.
  5. That's right, the Nord doesn't have enough facial hair for you to have drawn it.
  6. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it. My great uncle had a stroke recently and is in the hospital. We didn't even know until today, as fucked as it is to say this; at least his insurance still covers it. I'd hate to think about what would have happened a year down the line.
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