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  1. That’s a good point. And as bad as it looks right now, it’s at least way better than it was last night or for most of today. I wasn’t able to reply to people or even change pages before.
  2. If they're down with the scalies, I ain't interested in them anyway.
  3. Actually, this seems to only work as a solution on desktop. On my phone, it doesn't matter what theme I'm using. None of them work.
  4. Just a heads up for everyone If the site is being screwy for you right now, like icons appearing as empty boxes or you not being able to click on certain options, just scroll to the bottom of the page and change your theme to Uniform Dark for now until it gets fixed. It seems the problem is only related to the Carbon (default) theme.
  5. Considering how smooth, detailed, and well-animated Ghost of Tsushima, (sigh) TLoU2, and even God of War are, I would've thought it could. But I really don't know.
  6. Absolutely. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that the final third of the game was actually pretty weak, and if the whole thing was of that quality, I wouldn't even really like it. But the first 2/3 carry it hard. The Bakers are great antagonists, but also the setting is just way richer and more detailed than the part that comes after. It feels like they poured their all into the game, but then ran out of time and rushed out the final portion.
  7. Oh yeah, I agree big time. As good as Village looks, I don’t know if it’ll be able to match the excitement I felt for RE7 and it’s setting. The Baker family felt like they could’ve been my mutated cousins.
  8. I knew the comment section would have lots of Redfield bloodline jokes. Those make me laugh every time.
  9. Man, that is the least RE-looking RE game I’ve ever seen. Basically everything Colonel said about RE7‘s differences applies here, except now even the setting has taken a sharp turn. Not that I’m complaining. It still looks great and you know I liked 7 a lot. All-in-all, between Village and the new Amnesia game, 2021 looks like it could shape up to be amazing an year for first person horror. I might have to travel across the state to visit my friend with the VR set.
  10. Well that’s out of the blue. I feel like this is half a decade too late. So we’ve got God of War teased, Demon Souls looking glorious, a deweebified weeb game, and Harry Potter. I bet you can guess which two I’ll be getting. Was there anything else worth mention?
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