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  1. I mean, they did try to kill everyone else in the world. So definitely worse than Legion. Maybe even almost as bad as Trump supporters.
  2. Nah. I wouldn’t have made the jokes at all if Colonel wasn’t behind the character I shit on. He helped mold me into the bigot I am today. As a friend, I owe him my shit talk. Besides, imagine a world where Nords and elves dance together and nobody calls it out.
  3. If Colonel and Balrog duel, it’ll be the biggest event of the year for me. Screw the Super Bowl. And y’all better livestream this shit. I’ll be grilling, making salsa, inviting over people who don’t even know who you are or why one of you calls himself a Balrog, taking bets, making elf jokes, not special distancing... It’s gonna be a party.
  4. The children of Kyne are measured by their death, not their life. If a shred of honor yet remains in him, then a seat may wait empty in the Hall of Valor. I mean, it’ll be at the mer-fucking degenerates table where he’ll have to sit with Torygg and Potema, but hey, still a Nord.
  5. Centurion is a True Nord. Czar is just a young person of the Elder race.
  6. Discarded? Maybe. But he’s not wrong. The Dominion is more badass.
  7. I’d love that. And they could bring back the Legion’s Knightly Orders while they’re at it.
  8. Bad order for sure. But representative power doesn’t mean much anyway if the system is rigged so the votes don’t matter. This just feels like stunting.
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