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  1. On a replay of Fallout 4 now after finishing 3 last week. Most of my opinions of it haven’t changed, but I do want to highlight again that, for all the issues I have with the game, I really do like how the Brotherhood are handled. All the other factions are meh to garbage, but Bethesda’s favoritism for the BoS really shines through in how much more quality and quantity their content is. One thing I do think is a little jarring is the lack of returning BoS and Outcast characters from Fallout 3. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.
  2. Does anyone have any hopes for what they’d like to see it revolve around?
  3. Of all the cast members I’ve seen mentioned, he is the one I’m most excited for. I’ve never seen Walter not dominate a role. It’s too early for me to get my hopes up. Most TV is so bad these days that I just kinda default to expecting it to suck. But man, I will be tickled pink if Fallout turns out to be one of the few they get right.
  4. It being hard isn’t what keeps me from finishing. I’m just slow as sin because I dont want to finish.
  5. I’m coping by telling myself that it gives me plenty of time to finish the book. Probably. Arnie was made of muscle and the guy from T2 was like the living embodiment of uncanny valley. Following those acts would be difficult for anyone, but a tiny lady who struggles to look or act very intimidating probably wasn’t the way to do it.
  6. It’s been a while since I watched it. I remember liking Lena in it quite a bit, but can hardly remember John and vaguely remember thinking that the Terminator chick was kind of annoying.
  7. I think I’ll reserve my opinions for another time when I can rant without restraint. Speaking of, thinking I’ll hop on the ol’ Xbox party chat some time this weekend if anyone wants to listen to my bitching.
  8. Of course it’s sexual assault. Do they think I’m rubbing my Spartan balls on their foreheads to scratch an itch?
  9. I just ignore everything after T2. The whole story is wrapped up perfectly in that movie. That’s what they did in the newest one, Dark Fate. And it is the worst thing ever.
  10. You definitely won’t be alone on that hill. Alien is adored. I’m not sure which I prefer, but I really like both for their own reasons. Similar to Terminator, though you already know that T2 definitely wins out for me. I guess this happens so much because writers always feel they need to increase the stakes with sequels. And that is apparently hard to do without the action aspects becoming more prominent.
  11. Shame. That’s really what I was hoping for the most. But still, it can still work well. Like Aliens.
  12. How’s the horror? There were a few scenes in season 1 that I thought delivered some genuinely good spooks without being cheap.
  13. I’ve heard that season 4 feels like the writers realized they had no direction in 2 and 3, so they sat down and really worked on reigning the story back into something legible. And apparently it worked really well. First time I’ve been interested in the show in years.
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