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  1. Any other character and this would be accurate, but I will suffer no further slander of Soldier of God, Rick.
  2. By the way, @BigBossBalrog @TheCzarsHussar do either of yall know if reliving boss fights at the shrines runs the risk of increasing Dragonrot? I’d love to replay some bosses, but I’ll be cautious about it if dying will progress the spread.
  3. Battlefield made me think of Radahn. Completely littered with the corpses of those who failed to get past him. Man loved his job. And the buildup was good. Was cool eavesdropping on soldiers along the way and hearing them whisper of how nobody would get into Ashina castle because "the demon" guarding the gate. Kinda surprising so much hype would go into such an easy boss, but it’s clear that lore-wise, this guy was meant to be a renowned warrior. Eavesdrop is a nice feature. It gives a lot of character to the enemy mobs, makes them feel like people instead of just mindless obstacles. Wish Elden Ring had it.
  4. Don’t know much about him besides he has been saying a lot of the typical "America first" stuff you’d expect from a Trump supporting politician. But words are cheap. I reckon he’ll become more interesting in the coming years, but right now I don’t really have strong opinion.
  5. I beat Gyoubu Oniwa first try. First "major" boss but he was honestly easier than the chained ogre since most of his attacks were blockable and he didn’t launch into so many grabs that knock out 90% of my HP. Despite being easy, it was a very fun fight. Had a great rhythm to it. Loved how it integrated all that we’ve learned so far, particularly with the ability to grapple toward him mid-combat to close gaps and make up for his superior speed, plus the not-so-subtle hint to use firecrackers against horses beforehand, which worked like a charm. And it makes me very happy that this game lets you replay boss fights! With how fun these are, I reckon I will be doing a lot of that. Also, Tengu "said the thing!" and named me Sekiro. I guess we are on the same side seeing as how he is surrounded by corpses of what I assume are our enemies. Kinda cool to not be the only person stalking through Ashina and cutting down these traitors. Reminds me a little of Bloodborne with the occasional friendly Hunters you can meet.
  6. Ah, I must’ve missed or forgot that detail. Probably just prideful defiance. Daemon makes it clear in season 1 that he looks down on people who believe in these sorts of superstitions. Switching rooms would not only mean accepting that he was wrong about the "ghosts of Harrenhal", but also be an admittance that the ghosts actually frightened him. The dragon doesn’t get scared.
  7. I didn’t notice it until it got pointed out to me, but Daemon’s bed is carved from a chopped down Weirwood tree. Probably contributing to why this stuff is hitting him hardest as he sleeps. Harrenhal is a hotbed for old magic. It is refreshing to see this show embrace that side of ASoIaF, since GoT intentionally shied away from it as much as possible.
  8. Although I guess if she was working for Larys, she’d probably just use a fatal poison on Daemon and be done with it.
  9. On a similar note, as far as very minor characters go, I really enjoy Simon Strong. He’s such a well-meaning goofball. You can tell that Daemon is the absolute last thing he wants to deal with.
  10. I think so too, but it is an interesting line of speculation. Larys doesn’t strike me as the superstitious sort, but leveraging a superstition to his advantage by getting his sister to drug his enemy? Totally something he’d do, if he could.
  11. Only the gods who massacre them, apparently. Not so much the gods who bring justice to the killer.
  12. I know everyone is probably getting tired of hearing this from me, but I think this scene would’ve been better if it had been used to finally have someone address the fact that Rhaenys and Meleys murdered tons of smallfolk in season 1. The smallfolk acted all freaked out and pissed over "Aegon" killing Meleys, even though it basically avenged the deaths of their friends and families, and was also a major step towards ending the blockade that is the source of their famine. In a war with these "gods" on both sides, theirs was the winner. I liked the general sentiment, but even just having a few voices in the crowd who felt this way would’ve satisfied me. Really just feels like the show completely forgot that plot thread.
  13. @ColonelKillaBee An interesting discovery someone made about your favorite boss. The Fog Rift and Scorpion River catacombs both end with boss fights in those blighted "root rooms" where you can see Godwin’s messed up face. But on the map, both of their root rooms are beneath or very close to the second Dancing Lion who you find later in the DLC. So it could be that the residual blight has spread upwards through the ground, and this is why this particular Divine Lion suffers from death blight.
  14. I wonder. Larys did say that the castle is cursed and it would be a problem for Daemon. If she is his bastard sister or cousin, then what if she is messing with Daemon on his behalf?
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