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  1. It's easy but a really cool boss. Phenomenal presentation. His arena (corpse littered gate) is one of my favorites. I just love how removed Ashina is to the glamorised Sengoku period most Jidekai stories are. Place is just one filthy battlefield.
  2. https://www.ign.com/articles/fallout-londons-robot-speaker-of-the-house-played-by-uks-actual-former-speaker-of-the-house This shit is getting weirder and weirder
  3. Messmer...seems to be getting...ehem...quite the following. Ehem.
  4. That's still supremely badass He's like a kill Demigod button. And Rykard and Ranni were scared so shitless of him they had to come up with counter-measures if he sniffed them out.
  5. With all the new details about the Demigods conquest's and power, it's makes the fact all of them were terrified of a single person all the more badass
  6. Decent Doom game. Great Sci Fi Horror game. It walked so Dead Space could run. And yeah it's from Resurrection.
  7. Leave the man alone, he's looking for Blight town. It's important
  8. There's an enemy in DOOM 3 that's pretty much a manufactured hell-knight with a TV-ish monitor on it's face. Someone made a mod m2-res_1080p.mp4
  9. This fuckers are my favorite/hated enemies. Such a fucking cool concept of powerful foe. You wonder how the fuck the Hornsent lost with them.
  10. I'd say they kind of balance out to roughly equal; the Targaryen's have more incest, but alot of the Demigods turned into fucking literal monsters. And they both have their share of crazies.
  11. Most fucked up family in fantasy fiction history. They make the Lannister's seem well-adjusted.
  12. Apparently the would-be assassin was a registered Republican? There's still not word on the motive. Maybe he was just crazy? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-rally-shooting-suspect-fbi-names-pennsylvania-man/story?id=111921870
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