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  1. From Jason Schier the dude who dude that Anthem takedown article and one of the most reliable leakers in the industry. Apparently SONY is priortizing there blockbuster mega-games, and are starting to shut down smaller studios and projects They basically already shutdown the team that helped FROMSOFT make Demon's Souls and Bloodborne https://www.polygon.com/22375435/the-last-of-us-remake-ps5-release-dates-rumor-naughty-dog-days-gone-sequel
  2. You should send some letters to your congressmen. Or hell call them (I think that's what there supposed to be for). I know it won't do much (or anything), but if you think your rights are being trampled on you should take political action. Your service to your country should entail you to some kind of method of getting your beliefs across.
  3. So apparently Playstation released a trailer for a suddenly announced Survival Horror game. The dev's have zero background in games, some people are assuming it's a weird scam, and the game looks weird from a visual perspective (some parts look almost photo fucking realistic, yet the smoke effects are like JPEG's!). And then...the ruse team has come about. https://venturebeat.com/2021/04/07/abandoned-for-ps5-is-not-a-secret-hideo-kojima-game/ https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/04/kojima_reportedly_in_talks_with_xbox_as_ps5rs_abandoned_prompts_conspiracy_theories https://comi
  4. Go eat from your dog dishes, snow-fuckers. I'll hit you with my stick again.
  5. I think Kotaku U.K was shut down, but the mainline site is still up.
  6. If only I can't see it to be honest. It's a digital only event, you got to be super super incompetent to fuck that up.
  7. My siblings actually surprised me with an early birthday present; a tattoo paid for Going to get it done on the 28th. Its my first; so wont be too big. Either branding myself with the dark sign, the symbol of insight, or getting a Cthulhu tattoo.
  8. You've never actually played Dark Souls till you experienced a literal blizzard in which respawning demonic reindeer chase you through the largest area in the series, in which you have no vision, the place is filled with traps and frozen nightmares, and proves, once and for all, that humanity is evil from invading trolls who use the area as a playground for there sick pleasure. Enjoy Cyberpunk instead of this masterpiece
  9. @The Good Doctor You should finally play the Lost Crowns It's worth it to slog through Vanilla 2 to play them.
  10. I mean there's the whole Untended Grave things, but I think Ludleth was implied to have invalidated that Age of Dark by sealing it away, and breaking time by linking the fire himself through sheer willpower. (Then again, I don't think anyone has fully explained what the fuck the Untended Graves really mean) So an Age of Dark happened for at least a little bit.
  11. The eternal cycle stuff was brought in by Dark Souls 2, and later told to be caused by the First Sin in the Crown's DLC. It was made clear in Dark Souls 1 the only thing before the Age of Fire was the Age of Fog (*Cough* and the age of Demon's Souls *cough*) and there was none of the "Oh everything keeps repeating itself!" found in Dark Souls 2 and to a lesser extent Dark Souls 3. I mean it's very meta everytime you change/alter the age of fire a little part of it's soul dies, just like Dark Soul's lore. I LIKE it, but it doesn't change the fact 2 built off from 1's lore in a very weird ,
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