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  1. The Enclave lines up and excutes innocent civillians if they don't match there genetic standards for purity, they are also an authortarian dictaorship. The United States in Fallout were already basically in that direction, being expansionist bastards who annexed and destoryed countless countries that got in there way. So yes they are fachists in the base game as well
  2. From what i've seen the side quest and open world are really, really amazing. There's even a bunch of companions are New Vegas tier. The MQ is pretty crazy though. The first mission is a flashback to the Final battle of the NCR-Brotherhood war and it plays like a gritty war FPS
  3. I've been hearing drama about the mod all week, it's fucking hilarious It's filled with cringey Metal Gear references too.
  4. Yeah, the joke was really funny at the start, but we kind of ran it into the ground I'll stop. Didn't mean to actually hurt your feelings. We all say stupid shit from time, it's cool.
  5. I thought you meant your little brother for a second But nice for him, Ludwig is notorious for being a noob trap.
  6. Funny coming from the elf-cuddler But I meant what I say, so if you don't undestand i'll say it like this, "aye
  7. How dare you even consider dishonoring your wife in that manner
  8. *Stands up* So at the end of my journey, I must forsake my vows as a Warrior of the Sun and clash blades to save Colonel's soul from Elfdom. *Draws blade* I challenge you, servant of Kaathe! Face me with your steel!
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