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  1. @The Good Doctor @ColonelKillaBee I think it was a mistake to bring back the multiplayer features
  2. Why did I watch a bad PVP montage straight from the early 2000's
  3. Played a quick one. It's called Murder House, by a Dev called Puppet Combo. They make intentionally corny, cheesy slasher games that look and play like a Silent Hill/Resident Evil game, while feeling and sounding like Slasher knock off movies you'd find at a rental store. Pretty good fun. Murder House had alot more effort and production then his other games. It's like one massive escape room with a slasher chasing around, and some story elements. Chased by the Easter Ripper, a Serial Killer that dresses like a bunny This time he had the budget to add custom death animations.
  4. I hear similar lukewarm thoughts from another friend of mine You planning to finish Resident Evil 2 still?
  5. @The Good Doctor Josh is streaming New Vegas to raise funds to help with the wildfires
  6. I mean the lyrics are fitting, but maybe they should have used it for BB instead But yeah you should, it's an amazing game. Update's next week.
  7. Buy and play the new DOOM DLC that'll exorcise your demons for you.
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