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  1. I sort of remembered her when I read it. Just something in my mind that went "Didn't she marry Gregory?" At first I thought she was just a small cameo. It wasn't till after you pointed out that you wanted to introduce her that I started to attribute a larger importance to her appearance.
  2. It may be a trope, but I feel it's one we could use some more of in these fucking times. Had forgotten about who Amelia was and had to look it up. I'm curious why a focus on her since she died. I get the feeling she's either not really dead, or there was foul play around her death.
  3. We need more cute children getting people to think better thoughts in general in stories.
  4. I'm still kinda interested in the Fallout rp. Though I wont deny that interest is waning for every day that it stands still.
  5. God Jul era jävlar! Also congratulations @Centurion on getting something good out of this year.
  6. True that. Long posts can be quite the hassle to read at time.
  7. Well that was an interesting opening. Where's the rest of the story?
  8. The prequels may have a coherent vision but the writing and acting caused by Lucas’ directing really brings it down a few notches.
  9. The prequels get a nice second place? Have I missed something?
  10. I had really expected them to burn the corpses just be sure there wouldn't be any risk of contamination.
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