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  1. As someone that has looked into game design and occasionally watch videos on the subject for fun I've learnt that games are often a complex illusion meant to give the player a specific type of feeling. My guess is they wanted the player to feel a sense of awe and strangeness when entering Megaton; finding a town built into a nuclear crater novel. Asking for the player to tamper with things plays into the whole "you are special" feeling that many games try to sell.
  2. Haven't played Fallout 3 so I had to look it up. And I guess the answer is because Bethesda doesn't coordinate all the stuff they put into the game. Or think things through all that much.
  3. I think a couple of recounts and a verification of votes would be best. If nothing else to ensure that whatever result is legitimate.
  4. I'm guessing it's both cheaper and easier to shut down the entire business than instituting a long term lock down. Also unsure if Denmark can even institute such a lock down. I know if they're not as bad as Sweden though; we don't have the ability to declare a state of emergency if it's not a full scale, proper war with a foreign power.
  5. First: they don't know how possibly deadly this new virus is. Second: it would look really, really bad for Denmark if they were the source of a new virus that would be at least as bad as the current covid.
  6. Well Denmark doesn't want to be the next Wuhan. The question will also be how they'll handle the people living in the area. 12 people have already been found infected with the new virus. Currently they're only advising people to not leave their counties.
  7. Denmark just discovered a new mutated form of covid related to mink farms. Now all 14 million minks in the region has to be put down.
  8. Just looked on the spread of votes. Can anyone explain the reasons why democrats are pretty much only in the cities and the republicans are in the countryside?
  9. I think you should adopt the Swedish voting system. At least for the parliament. We got no local representatives. Everyone just votes for a party and if a party gets more than 4% nationwide they get seats in the parliament proportional to their percentage. Would eliminate the two party system and allow people to vote for rather than against.
  10. Wasn't the BoS still just in the process of becoming a thing on the west coast around the time 76 takes place?
  11. At least your media got the excuse of living in the same country. My media treats your country as if we somehow got a portal network connected to the US.
  12. My country's media seriously got an unhealthy obsession with US politics. Heaps upon heaps of articles about your stupid presidential election. Almost never anything about elections in EU countries. Only real exception I can remember being the presidential election in France when Macron went up against the far right's candidate.
  13. And that's why I dislike it. No other boss has you attacked from more than one direction before you can even get a decent look at what you're fighting.
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