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  1. Did you play Pathfinder Kingmaker? If not, then fuck off with this bullshit. I play what I like. You do the same and STFU.
  2. I just threw up in my mouth. What's that tattoo he's wearing, something he got during one of his blackface romps? I invite you to scroll past or block. Life is too short to pay for bad games and/or those that harm the industry.
  3. I mean that you can choose to avoid all the factions and go your own way.
  4. I would call it lackluster. The companions were flat, mostly just faction mouthpieces, and the factions themselves were so extreme that the only one with any real life in it were the pirates. They were also absurdly the most ethical faction. If you did it independent, the equivalent of the Yes Man ending in FONV, Mostly though, I didn't like the companions or the PC development, and for me that's the most important part of such a game. Also, the naval battles were un-fun. Sadly Josh Sawyer has tweeted a few times about being in depression and feeling like he can't do anything, sometim
  5. Not for me, I didn't care for it. Only played it once and didn't play any of the DLC. I don't think the sales did too well.
  6. To me it does. I doubt I'll be buying an Obsidian game again, certainly won't back them if they put their hands out for PoE3 or whatever.
  7. They got glowing reviews on PoE2 also, doesn't make it a good game. I hope it's good for the people who play it, just won't be me, and it definitely was a fuck up, even if it's of a different kind.
  8. Wait... the world resets every time you log off? So there's absolutely no progression? What's the fucking point? What brainless idiot would pay anything for this?
  9. Maybe there's hope for Britain after all. The guy with the ponytail quit his "Buddhist studies" career to do these climate protests full time. Obviously he has no need to get to work at 7am on a Thursday.
  10. Rednecks are thin on the ground in Charlotte proper. It's all NY and DC refugees.
  11. So this happened last night in Charlotte. If the plague of locusts shows up, I'm outta here.
  12. The vacuum cleaner man from Breaking Bad (and El Camino) died this weekend of brain cancer. El Camino was his last role, other than an episode of Amazing Stories that was still filming.
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