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  1. I read through the patch notes but I haven’t had any of those problems. Hopefully it won’t break anything for me.
  2. I really don't have an opinion myself. Elder Scrolls is in the rearview mirror for me.
  3. It's more in comparison to other reviews that it stands out. He could give it a 6, which I think is low, but the fact that he gave other games that have such lazy mechanics as Fallout 4's radiant quest system or Dragon Age 2's SAME FREAKING CAVE higher scores... that just shows that there's something else going on.
  4. I've been playing since day one. I barely saw even a visual glitch. The world is freaking amazing. Quest design, character design all top notch. I think this is just punishing CDPR for making a big, ambitious game. They're going on and on about how CDPR "betrayed" gamers. It's freaking ridiculous.
  5. It's ridiculous. There are a lot of people who are playing the game on consoles just fine. My PC is new but not top of the line and I barely had a single glitch the whole time. Been playing 120 hours and counting.
  6. Angry Joe gave Cyberpunk 6/10. He gave Dragon Age 2 a 7/10 and Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 3 an 8/10
  7. Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Taken on Grandfather Mountain, NC this weekend. They'll be even closer tonight.
  8. Hello bitches! I quit my job today, feeling reckless, so I'm butting in. The Expanse season 5 released first three episodes. Amos gif.mp4
  9. Did you play Pathfinder Kingmaker? If not, then fuck off with this bullshit. I play what I like. You do the same and STFU.
  10. I just threw up in my mouth. What's that tattoo he's wearing, something he got during one of his blackface romps? I invite you to scroll past or block. Life is too short to pay for bad games and/or those that harm the industry.
  11. I mean that you can choose to avoid all the factions and go your own way.
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