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  1. He pisses off all the right people, so that's a good sign. Not that any Republican wouldn't be Literally Hitler. The only negative I've heard is that he once considered himself a "never Trumper" and changed his mind. I can respect that.
  2. Yes, Alys tells him this. Not sure why he doesn’t just change rooms.
  3. She seems more chaotic good to me. When he’s talking about his shadow war, you can see her shooting daggers at him. I like the idea of local spirits that take out those who trespass, and having the curse of Harrenhal be a lingering presence of the Children of the Forest makes sense.
  4. I thought it a nice touch that parading Meleys' head through the streets of KL didn't have the effect they intended. The Dance of Dragons means power to the ones waging it, but for the smallfolk, they're starving and don't like the idea that a god can be struck down. With Aemond shutting the gates and letting people starve so that Vhagar can be fed, he could have more trouble at home than from Rhaenyra.
  5. I'm liking the witch of the castle showing Daemon how he's fucked up with all the women in his life including his mom. I've heard that Alys is likely a Strong bastard, which makes her the anti-Larys, using her spooky powers for good. Though damn, that red goop she keeps feeding him is disgusting. Pretty sure it's weirwood sap and not blood but you never know. If he could take it on board, she is doing Daemon a huge favor showing him what a cunt he is. It's also good development for Jace because it shows how tied the Strongs are to the old gods and the magic of Westeros. Combining that with Targaryen mojo should be a pretty "strong" combination. Funny to see Freys that aren't massive tools. Something happened to fuck up that gene pool afterwards.
  6. What puzzles me is that apparently it's not "uncle tom" to support the wheezing ancient Biden who was a segregationist for the first half of his career?
  7. He donated to a progressive get-out-the-vote group. It is common in swing states for politically active Democrats to register as Republicans so that they can mess with the primary. PA is one of those states where you have to register as that party to vote in their primary.
  8. I bet a lot of Democrats are saying the same and some are saying it openly on social media. They've become so deranged with hate that they can't think or act like human beings. I mostly blame the media and Democratic leadership (but I repeat myself).
  9. The head of the SS is a woman and has been interviewed saying she's trying to get 30% female agents by 2030. There are multiple instances of female agents being covered for when they had infractions that would have gotten a male agent fired, including one who went nuts and started throwing menstrual pads at her squad mates (I shit you not). She wasn't fired, just removed from Kamalamala's detail. She had previously sued the Dallas PD for sex discrimination so she was right up the director's alley, crazy as fuck but fully DEI spec'ed out. It's not been a good week for the sisterhood.
  10. Three times! Maybe they had PTSD from covering Biden's molestations.
  11. https://x.com/CollinRugg/status/1812333459127578870 Dammit, I don't know why it doesn't embed sometimes. Shooter ID- your basic blonde hippie type.
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