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  2. The hype instantly died on Bandai Namco's stream once they admitted no Elden Ring stuff. People were p i s s e d
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  4. This is much closer to what I was expecting after Fallout 3. Definitely wouldn’t have guessed that it would be a place so far underground that you’d have to teleport to and from it.
  5. I still remember this sick ass dream I had about the Institute years and years before Fallout 4 was announced. I'd actually make it kinda like what I imagined as a kid. Have the Institute use something between Big M.T. and Enclave levels of technology instead of being the squeaky clean star trek bullshit. And I'd make it where the Wasteland inhabitants know of the Institute in some mythical fashion as instead of being abandoned and entirely underground, the C.I.T is this heavily fortified and near impenetrable bastion. With networks of trenches around the building patrolled by synths and
  6. The Fallen Scribe The doctor awoke with a scream rising from his throat, one he was able to muffle before it left him, keeping it down just under his hoarse throat. Sweat dripped on his brow, as he began to massage his robotic hand. Throbs of pain erupted, as if he felt the long gone bullet holes wriggle like worms. The pain erupted into agony, as he clenched his robotic hand into a fist, the sweat becoming a waterfall. The sensation got so bad, tears began to well up in his eyes. He wanted to down painkillers, but in his state, he would not become a thrall to morphine. The Phanto
  7. Ideally, they'd never have FEV at all, let alone use it to make super mutants. But if we have to keep that, I certainly wouldn't have them just dump hundreds of muties in the wilderness with reckless abandon. That's just stupid evil for the sake of evil. If super mutants have to be in the game, then I'd at least have the ones in Boston either released from their labs due to sabotage or escape in a breakout of some kind. Why did the Institute make literal hundreds of them? Maybe they were building an army in preparation for the BoS or something, idk. I'd have to think about that some more.
  8. That’s a hard one. It’s definitely between the Institute and the Minutemen. Not the BoS because they’re pretty good already (only thing I’d want to alter for them is their ending). Not the Railroad because they’re just not very interesting and I don’t see much potential in them. They could’ve been removed from the game and the story barely would’ve changed. I actually have rewritten the Minutemen storyline before, went pretty in-depth with it too. I’d have it all about getting the existing local factions like Goodneighbor and Diamond City to join forces against the common enemy,
  9. If you could rewrite any faction in F4 which one, and what would you do?
  10. He also killed his brother, who Ethan Winters failed to put down. And Ethan’s killed way bigger and meaner things than the Tyrant.
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  12. Joe Baker could bench press Mr. X, get that weak shit outta here.
  13. Just glad it's getting post-support, I understand why REMAKE 2 and 3 didn't have it (cause there Remakes) but I would have been disappointed if Village didn't get some. It's good to have a Capcom who only makes DLC after the game comes out
  14. To be fair, there running around with an army of fucking Tyrant soldiers, all Joe fought with was knock off Swamp-Thing and the lame molded
  15. But why would he recruit all those others if he’s got Joe?
  16. It's going to be about the assualt on BSAA Europe; Chris gathers the other one-game characters; Carlos from 3, Sheeva from 5,, HUNK from 2, and Joe fucking Baker as some kind of Resident Evil suicide squad
  17. @The Good Doctor Village Single-Player DLC announced, but they aren't saying what it is, only that it's because of fan demand there making it (wasn't in devolopment with the game) So who fucking knows what it will be.
  18. Not really a fan of that design. The Magnum in Halo had such a classic look. This is too modern/real world.
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