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  2. Fuck no lol. Only thing we are authorized on our face is a fucking hitler stash unless you have a medical shaving profile, or religious accommodation (Sikh)
  3. Is there an official page or anything that covers the update? I know a guy who would love to read it.
  4. So the army just updated its appearance and grooming standards for the first time since 2017 and the run of it is female, female, female. They can now have ponytails, cornrows, braids, earrings, nails, lipstick, etc. and the only thing makes got was “clear nail polish in uniform.” I’m happy that females are finally getting some improvements but fuck show us guys some love. All we want are beards (like Canada) and had tats (like the navy) that’s it.
  5. I don’t know what that is but bad NV mods don’t absolve it of its crimes.
  6. *Gives Fallout 4 a hug* It's okay man, your welcomed back.
  7. Even in Fallout 3 they were dickbags Colonel was listening to Enclave radio too much like that dude in Megaton
  8. I see, didn’t know all that. Still tho, there’s no moral high road to hold here when the legion is involved. Its like comparing colonial slavers to nazis, both are bad lol
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  10. Just look at there armor; it looks demonic. These are the good guys?!
  11. I mean, they did try to kill everyone else in the world. So definitely worse than Legion. Maybe even almost as bad as Trump supporters.
  12. The Enclave lines up and excutes innocent civillians if they don't match there genetic standards for purity, they are also an authortarian dictaorship. The United States in Fallout were already basically in that direction, being expansionist bastards who annexed and destoryed countless countries that got in there way. So yes they are fachists in the base game as well
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