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  2. I think a bunch of these MMO losers just ain’t equipped for going up against a veteran of Dark Souls PvP. Not bad for kpop. Skip to 1:08 and set it to 2x speed. It’s great.
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  4. @The Good Doctor @ColonelKillaBee I think it was a mistake to bring back the multiplayer features
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  6. Whatever nigga it was cool and you know it I was whoopin ass today
  7. Why did I watch a bad PVP montage straight from the early 2000's
  8. The music is a metal cover of a kpop song Much better than the annoying original lolol
  9. My birthday's coming up and I want yall to watch @The Good Doctor @BigBossBalrog
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  11. I really want to read this novel now. What a fantastic premise!
  12. @TheCzarsHussar https://mr-downer.tumblr.com/post/633142088213594112/yimra-bigwordsandsharpedges-theres-a-novel-by
  13. Those dandies would get slaughtered in three different ways. An average student of the BC:
  14. Next time on Nordic Snowberry Z, can Kyne's Watch's Clever Men defeat the best of the bards college in a duel...of song?
  15. I swear I think there’s some sort of weird cosmic synchronicity between this site and real life sometimes. I just finished watching The Hobbit like five minutes ago. Also, I feel like that video is what you’d end up with if the Clever Men of Kyne's Watch got a fire going and had a few meads in them. After a brawl or two, of course.
  16. Played a quick one. It's called Murder House, by a Dev called Puppet Combo. They make intentionally corny, cheesy slasher games that look and play like a Silent Hill/Resident Evil game, while feeling and sounding like Slasher knock off movies you'd find at a rental store. Pretty good fun. Murder House had alot more effort and production then his other games. It's like one massive escape room with a slasher chasing around, and some story elements. Chased by the Easter Ripper, a Serial Killer that dresses like a bunny This time he had the budget to add custom death animations.
  17. I hear similar lukewarm thoughts from another friend of mine You planning to finish Resident Evil 2 still?
  18. I’ve had a crack at Amnesia Rebirth this week. Apparently I’m a little past halfway. I won’t spoil the story, but I’ll still put my thoughts so far in tags just in case.
  19. A really neat longship battle by Angus McBride, I've seen it many times but never shared it here before.
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