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  2. If all else fails, use your Battle Cry racial power, and they’ll run cowering.
  3. Probably, cause I’m apparently “scary” being 6’ 215lbs with tattoos, or so I’ve been told edit: even if I have the social anxiety of a 13 year old girl but hey if people wanna be scared based on my looks than I ain’t complaining.
  4. Most people are a lot bolder on the internet than in person. Even if someone makes that leap, I doubt they’d have the balls to come at you.
  5. Or I’ll get screeched at incessantly by idiot about how I’m racist lol
  6. That would be badass. I bet you'll get some SC fans coming up to you. I know I would if I was at a thing like that.
  7. thinking about doing a stormcloak cosplay the next time we go to a convention. I’m gonna order a chain mail shirt and my wife is gonna sew a gambeson and the sash for it. Who knows when the next con will be but hopefully I’ll have the armor done sometime this year
  8. Yesterday
  9. I’m probably gonna start reloading soon. Just bought a plate carrier too. Next up is this
  10. People around here have been saving brass and doing a lot of handloading lately. I should be, tbh. I bought a bench and the equipment for it a few years ago, and I’ve got a whole box of .223 casings. Just haven’t got the time.
  11. The gun shop literally had maybe 100 boxes of 9mm. Completely out of .223, .357, .44, .45, etc it was crazy man
  12. I’ve got a guy who can get shit from almost any state. Once found me a good deal on pretty specialized rifle from a contact in Chicago of all places. I was talking to him two days ago and he was telling me about all these ammo types that he just can’t get ahold of at all right now without paying crazy amounts. It’s insane.
  13. Last week
  14. I wonder why everyone is buying right now?... hmm something something our constitution is being changed something something
  15. Just bought a S&W M&P compact for my ccw, just waiting on the background check. It’s gonna take like a week because EVERYONE is buying right now. Also a box of federal 9mm HP is $40 because of panic buying.
  16. I didnt even know Prince Philip died until just now, I thought it was a joke that he practically looked like a corpse
  17. From Jason Schier the dude who dude that Anthem takedown article and one of the most reliable leakers in the industry. Apparently SONY is priortizing there blockbuster mega-games, and are starting to shut down smaller studios and projects They basically already shutdown the team that helped FROMSOFT make Demon's Souls and Bloodborne https://www.polygon.com/22375435/the-last-of-us-remake-ps5-release-dates-rumor-naughty-dog-days-gone-sequel
  18. Im starting to enjoy Ds3 pvp again, watched some saint_riot videos and it reawakened my non-salty 'just enjoy the invasion and dont complain' side that I lost after not playing it for most of this year. Bonus pics of me lording over some randoms
  19. Yeah, we can’t go in uniform to any political rally of any sort. Can’t be openly political on social media if our pages are filled with pictures and shit and we are like “yeah I’m in the military”
  20. The Boys season 2 had a scene where this guy is wearing his uniform at a political rally for a politician who was based on AOC. Dude I was watching it with got really annoyed because of this. Said the character should’ve gotten in trouble for that.
  21. I’m actually not allowed to publicly be political as a service member. So there’s that
  22. You should send some letters to your congressmen. Or hell call them (I think that's what there supposed to be for). I know it won't do much (or anything), but if you think your rights are being trampled on you should take political action. Your service to your country should entail you to some kind of method of getting your beliefs across.
  23. Biden is sent to issue some unconstitutional gun control executive actions today. Yay, I’m so glad we elected a fucking idiot that’s content to launch us into a civil war
  24. So apparently Playstation released a trailer for a suddenly announced Survival Horror game. The dev's have zero background in games, some people are assuming it's a weird scam, and the game looks weird from a visual perspective (some parts look almost photo fucking realistic, yet the smoke effects are like JPEG's!). And then...the ruse team has come about. https://venturebeat.com/2021/04/07/abandoned-for-ps5-is-not-a-secret-hideo-kojima-game/ https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/04/kojima_reportedly_in_talks_with_xbox_as_ps5rs_abandoned_prompts_conspiracy_theories https://comi
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