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  1. Also this most recent episode of Mandalorian is hands down my absolute favorite so far. And holy shit I need the next episode
  2. It’s literally an unashamed MW2019 clone with worse weapons, and scorestreaks instead of killstreaks. Doesn’t even have that “new cod smell”
  3. Finally home and finally watched the mandalorian episodes and yes, just so much yes with this show lmao
  4. All I’m sayin is when taxes continue to rise, people get laid off because the owner can’t afford the new minimum wage, and when it takes 1 1/2 years to get an mri I don’t wanna hear no complaining from people who voted for Biden lmao
  5. When Civil War 2.0 starts off, Georgia isn’t invited to the new and improved CSA (improved= no weird neo-slavery + gun rights)
  6. So the whole 99% thing isn’t how many votes have been tallied, it’s how many votes are expected based on previous cycles. That why some states are at 82% and already decided. But yeah who would’ve fucking thought, a blue Georgia... I never want to hear another peach boy tell me I ain’t southern cause I’m from Oklahoma lmao
  7. If everything locks in how it is right now Biden will win with 270-268. Our only hope is that Michigan or Nevada somehow swing back red
  8. Michigan decides the whole race. It’s literally 13,000 votes right now lol
  9. Michigan is literally the most important state in the country right now lmao
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