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  1. @The Good Doctor the banner of the Freestar Collective. I just think it’s looks aesthetic plus all the factions in Starfield are really good and their quest lines are enjoyable, none of them feel like a chore to go through. In Starfield tho the FC is my boys, the UC can suck nuts
  2. Bullet scar (i don’t remember the actual name) is 100% a required mod for any NV playthrough
  3. It doesn’t need a lot of mods at all, I just like having stuff lol. Unlike Fallout 4 where the first 120 mods are for making the game playable, NV is mostly just quality of life stuff that I find enjoyable
  4. I don’t consider a mod list “complete” unless there atleast 150. Except for Morrowind, Morrowind is perfect how it is. Usually only run MGSO/OpenMW, Tamriel rebuilt, and Rise of House Telvanni
  5. Ewan McGregor was a gem as always, and idk about the context or anything, the fight and dialogue between Obi and Vader at the end was a masterpiece. Shame the rest of the show was mid at best
  6. On Xbox Skyrim can hold 4GB of mods, Fallout 4 can hold 2 GB of mods, and Starfield can hold 100 GB…
  7. I’m gonna be free this afternoon if you want to jump on discord later @The Good Doctor
  8. Wasn’t trying to turn it into a good/bad conversation. Just wanted to add context to “the dark side of Ukraine” No. Never trained or have even seen a Ukrainian soldier. However, my opinion on the whole situation is the same as I’ve stated multiple times, a big fat I don’t care. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford to feed my kids. Do I wish there was a diplomatic solution to this whole thing, sure. But I really really don’t fucking care. I don’t want to die in a pointless war and I’m tired of seeing “the economy is fine” as home ownership is a fucking pipe dream, “we’re the good guys!” as a whole lot of bullshit is happening, and “more funds for international allies and partners” as I’m staring at my combined $37,000 debt with a whole $16.94 to my name currently with no relief in sight because I have to keep choosing between acquiring more debt to feed, house, transport, provide medical care, etc for my kids or saving a few bucks
  9. I just want to be clear, ultra crystal clear, that I am not taking the side of nazi’s or neo-nazi’s lmao. But, I’ve looked into the subject because it was all over when the invasion first started and a lot of Eastern European countries that were Soviet controlled prior to WWII viewed Germany as liberators. When the Russian Empire collapsed a lot of the territories (I.e. the baltics and Ukraine) took the opportunity to declare themselves and the new Red government want all that territory back so the red army invaded. Then you know communism purges and shit that are overlooked all the time. That’s why they had such large amounts of people in the foreign ss brigades as opposed to the French/English/American SS units. The USSR and the Nazi’s were really just 2 sides to the same coin. Equally bad and both absolute dirt bags. The only reason people demonize the nazi’s more is because the ussr was an “ally” during the war. again, not trying to throw in with that crowd or anything lol, just providing context. Both Nazi’s and commies deserve the woodchipper.
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