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  1. If you could rewrite any faction in F4 which one, and what would you do?
  2. As for the roots discussion, I’m more saying that Maxson put them back on the path of collecting and preserving technology, while also protecting the people of the wasteland. Lyons went full retard on abandoning the BoS tenets, whereas Maxson still follows them for the most part, but has has evolved the BoS with the world. I like how his organization is structured with a well defined recruitment strategy, clear goals (preservation of technology, combating dangerous developments like the synths, and protection of the people by combating ghouls, supermutants, etc.), ranks being a little more flu
  3. It’s definitely a tie between the OG lost hills brotherhood and Maxsons bos for me. i like the lost hills bos in F1 because they weren’t complete chodes and the history there with it literally being founded by the man, the myth, the legend Roger Maxson himself is dope, plus if we could go there in a modern game I’m sure the lore would be phenomenal. Maxson’s brotherhood because how could you not? Vertibirds, the Prydwen, manufacturing there own power armor. Plus they’ve returned to their roots with a little bit of humanitarianism in there is cool
  4. Oh yeah don’t get me wrong I think it’s stupid as hell, but at least they made it some what make sense instead of just being like “yep bos is here, no reason or anything, they just are” but I also don’t consider seventy dicks canon at all.
  5. fallout 3’s BoS sucked. F1, FNV, and F4’s BoS where pretty good. I loved them. I don’t know enough about tactics bid to pass judgement and f2 doesn’t even count as portraying them lol
  6. See I’m a brotherhood fan boy so I don’t mind. Having them in the Pitt would suck, but the way they were implemented in seventy dicks wasn’t bad
  7. Welp, literally nothing about TES VI yayyyyyy literally would’ve been fine with a screenshot at this point
  8. And the only mention of tes vi is at the very end where they only say “The Elder Scrolls 6”
  9. Having Bethesda with Xbox for the conference sucks cause I don’t fucking care about 90% of this shit lmao
  10. Seventy dicks is getting The Pitt as an expansion @The Good Doctor
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