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  1. Y’all wanna know what I think is funny? How democrats flipped their lids when trump dropped a hellfire on Iran’s republican guard commander, but now that Biden is doing the SAME DAMN THING I haven’t heard a peep
  2. It might have to do with the altmer eugenics policy and the vast increase in inbred traits if I had to take a guess. In a world with thousands of years of history, plus 10 actually separate races that individual don’t have the kind of population earth does would definitely increase the likelyhood of you mate with someone who is related lmao.
  3. Also trying to pcs off this island is giving me hardcore depression. Covid made everything damn near impossible to do. Ordinarily you are supposed to get your orders 3-6 months out from when you leave to give you time to schedule household goods shipments, housing, flights, etc. I got mine 13 days before I’m supposed to leave. Covid has everything backed up so hhg shipments were a minimum of 2.5 weeks out from the day you requested. I was supposed to leave on the 21st (this Sunday) but my household goods isn’t shipping until the 5th. I had scheduled housing close out for the 22nd because I req
  4. Yeah I only saw the first message this morning soooo
  5. You say that now lol until you don’t have time to do anything you like but it’s fine tho cause I wouldn’t trade it
  6. I wish I had the time and energy to devote to getting my imperial to the emporership
  7. "Ooooh, an observant one. How clever to ask of Septimus. This Dwemer lockbox. Look upon it and wonder. Inside is the heart. The heart of a god! The heart of you. And me. But it was hidden away. Not by the Dwarves, you see. They were already gone. Someone else. Unseen. Unknown. Found the heart, and with a flair for the ironical, used Dwarven trickery to lock it away. The scroll will give the deep vision needed to open it. For not even the strongest machinations of the Dwemer can hold off the all-sight given by an Elder Scroll." "The box contains the heart. The essence of a god. I ha
  8. So the main modder for frontier has abandoned the mod, the community discord has been deleted, multiple voice actors and kidders have asked for their content and resources to be removed. So even if a skeletonized re-release was being planned they wouldn’t be able to do it cause so much would be missing. Also a lot of people, and I agree with them, believe that it wasn’t just one dude that was a pedo but in fact either a few of them, or the team just didn’t care until it came out. Because there’s simply no one you work on something for 7 years and don’t notice red flags
  9. @BigBossBalrog @TheCzarsHussar not gonna happen sorry. I don’t even play the games I enjoy anymore
  10. When the trailer dropped for 76 I was hyped as fuck, then a week later it came out that it was an online fallout with no npcs. Like wtf are y’all doing. The only reason eso is successful is because the stories and lore contributions are amazing otherwise it would have flopped hard, and Beth was like well let’s take that knowledge and throw it out the window. I loved fallout, but I really truly think that I may abandon Bethesda because they keep shooting on their own games
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