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  1. Armor stay heavy like my dick, yea I fucked ya bitch, call me Shane, call you Rick, put them dots on ya nigga now you walking dead, call ya girl a monster helm because she gimme scary head
  2. Yea I heard DC zergs but EP zergs harder, take ya ass to Maury because Bitch I am ya father, yea I make a Milli and no this aint Tha Carter, run up on a DK? Yea you must wan be a martyr
  3. Me n my n'wahs ride on my enemies, zergin is the remedy to elves hatin on a g, @ name is colonelkillabee, but they call me Bardok, send a hate whisper n ya girl can catch this bard cock, aye
  4. Redid the proudspire manor in Solitude, was too basic as, so I took out the dining area and made it into a pimpin nordic man cave/ fuckboy room for my thotties
  5. funny you say this since the servers are down currently But, Im on discord talking with Fairy
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