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  1. He said I lead EP into the jaws of demise I guess because everything was lit after that suddenly and I dipped. But If we hadnt taken Chal, we'd have lost everything faster and got gated. Meaning pushed all the way back to the main spawn areas. I kept hitting their keeps when there was no one home, trolling them or taking them alone, or with some others, and got yelled at for it lol bcuz its not honorable or some shit. But ya know what, it fuckin worked lol so fuck em. They call it pvdooring, attacking keeps that have no players in it for the score, or to cut them off so you can att
  2. There's a good story that goes with these, and I gotta thank Doc for it. Ive been getting into being a leader more in cyrodiil pvp, and its paying off. However of course I get a loooot of hate from jealous douchebags. This time I got hate because I told a guy at another fort to stop crying. We were busy defending near cheydinhall from the Daggerfall Covenant as they are a bigger threat than the Dominion, plus they had Volendrung. So I said we should sacrifice BRK to protect another keep, Chal. We won that fight and lost BRK, gained hammer, but then we went to reclaim BRK, lost, lost
  3. I will be the black knight, and king arthur and baldur all in one. Arthur the Unkindled of Anor Londo
  4. Sorry the double AP pvp test has me occupied but I’ll be back to normal once it’s done this week
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