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  1. I guess thats probably best, with a character like Trump. Dont wanna clash personalities by having one of your own lol
  2. Gonna try and go fists for this whole dlc lmao First victim, lion dancer, if you dont count the fire golem For the lion i had to change the affinity to flame art, which gets buffed nicely from holy, and because nothing in the dlc seems to get bleed proc'd as easy as the base game where bleed is entirely utterly broken Guts sword could proc it but that would be too easy so I didnt use it. I also have to change my ash of war back to the pressure fist @The Good Doctor. For enemies that dont stagger, its way better than godfrey's earth shatter in the dlc. Huge damage with faith based scaling, I basically just used that to poise through the lions attacks and guard break him. Worked great. We'll see if it stays that way.
  3. JD Vance, prior military. Thats all I know about the VP pick for Trump. Thoughts?
  4. Do you have to summon freyja in the dlc for a quest?
  5. You'd be surprised how many like being stepped on by their gods lol
  6. You watch your fucking mouth, wench DAEMON DID NOTHING WRONG >.< I think its more likely that she's been doing this of her own accord at will, whilst others carry on unknowingly.
  7. People like their gods bro Even if they murder some plebs I like Hillary, she's badass. Yaas Queen
  8. Miyazaki is too much lol at least there’s a reason for the annoyance
  9. No one addresses that, they just told me I’m a liar and trumps gonna make me a slave. Guess I missed the raffle for that the four years he was president last time
  10. Im putting myself in his shoes because I could totally see Baldur trying the scary route only to be bogged down in the same situation, were he presiding over areas in Cyrodiil for instance. Not to take us off topic. But Daemon I can relate to, to sum it up lol. And yea it very much is a wakeup call, and great for his character development.
  11. Probably a common Targaryen fantasy tbh I hate this, watching with yall week by week now because now I cant binge watch and gotta wait 7 fucking days to know what happens xD His thing with that keep feels very fillery to me lol. Its amusing yea but its also killing me inside to see him bogged down by bureaucracy and political cultural bs of that backwater redneck region lol And I feel his frustration lol.
  12. The ending leaves me hopeful, Daemon is making some progress finally lol tho I am annoyed at how tied up with his sidequest he is rn, and Jace is picking up the slack nicely. But yea ngl team black is lookin a bit pathetic. Aemond rn is rolling in the wins, but Im afraid for him, sitting on that accursed throne in both the literal sense and the man to beat a la dragon riders.
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