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Roleplayer’s Off Topic Thread #18

A poll of ice and fire  

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  1. 1. Which House would you choose?

    • Targaryen
    • Baratheon

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1 hour ago, BTC said:

RDR Online character creation tip, go through and set everything you can to neutral before editing anything and it’ll be easier to make a character that doesn’t look inbred

I actually felt like my guy looked fine in the creator. It was only after I got into the game that it became apparent how weird some of his features were.


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6 minutes ago, The Good Doctor said:

I’m curious, how many people voted Baratheon because they are Stannis fans, Robert fans, or more because they dislike Targs than because they like the Baratheons?

I voted Baratheon same reason I voted Lannister last time; I simply think they got more interesting characters. 

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Power corrupts, absolute power... is a whole lot of fun!

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