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  1. The Sheriff Some men walked into places looking for a fight. They thought picking one would make them feel better about themselves. They’d say they were looking to gamble or drink, but that would inevitably lead to throwing punches no matter how their luck turned out, though often times their anger led them toward bad bets and lost money. And whenever Abbey showed up, a woman nearly as tall as most of them, they took that as a challenge or insult, or both. Right now Lawrence was watching her brush off a couple drunk, sloppy punches from one such man. It only took one punch from her to
  2. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. The figures were motionless underneath the heavy rainfall, calm and tempered, as their black ponchos hid most of their features, but they all evidently kept their hands on their weapons, albeit with gun safety in mind, but they all were ready for a fight if any hostile situation would arise on their way to their destination. As their transport swerved, their stiff bodies move with it, almost as if the rain was a symphony, and they the conducting band. The relative busyness of the city was lost to the group though the horrible weather conditions made that unde
  3. The Sheriff Lorena was always perfect in his dreams, which was why he hated them. She stood in the faint morning rays of the sunlight, looking over the side of the bridge to the murky, muddy waters beneath, her soft black hair falling over her warm brown face and deep brown eyes. In the dream she turned to look at him, smiling her friendly smile, the one that got people who might’ve only respected Lawrence to like him as well by simple association with her. They laced their fingers together and her hands were just as roughened from work as his, though they never felt like it. In the d
  4. The Divine Order seems like it’ll be on both Yornar and Dales’ bad sides which would probably not end well for him
  5. I didn’t know we had more than one vote so I went Tacitus. I would’ve voted for Titus or Yornar if I’d know. For Tacitus it’s not because I have any specific plans to kill him but he’s reckless enough I feel like it’s practically inevitable This is why I’m gonna throw in a big twist where he becomes immortal because no one expects him to make it
  6. I read Czar’s post several days ago so sorry for the delay in comments
  7. Anything involving souls is where my vote was going. Yornar won our because of sheer quantity.
  8. For Lawrence the Pastimes of the Rich and Famous quest just ended, and the New Digs quest he got is one of those short connective quests that basically only says "Go to your new home in the Market District." Of course, the note "Find out what you can about your new boss" on the No-Tell Hotel quest suddenly seems much more ominous...
  9. @The Good Doctor just finished your post
  10. The Paladin Lord The Brotherhood of Steel’s officer Halloween party was the only thing that could make Alan wish for a rebel attack. Without any of the costumes or decorations of the civilian parties lighting up the Wellstone night, it was a plain affair. He’d sprung for higher quality alcohol, but the amount of that it would take for him to enjoy himself would render him unconscious. It all seemed so pointless. For the civilians it served a clear purpose of reinforcing the fact it was the Brotherhood’s power that allowed for such frivolous holidays to exist. But the Brotherhood
  11. I think he’s looking for a living partner, Doc
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