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Soulsborne Thread #7 (And Sekiro and Elden Ring and other shiet)

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11 minutes ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

? Yes XD 

That worm person, who I think is Priscilla, is just her body pillow. It’s not a part of her body.


5 minutes ago, The Good Doctor said:

I couldn’t remember. XD It’s been a while. 

Nah this is Priscilla XD


The Crossbreed. Most people assume she's Nameless's Daughter and the Painters mother.  The bitch who says "This land is peaceful, the inhabitants kind!" Despite the fact they've been trying to kill you for an hour XD

She's in a secret, secret area though, the Painted World, so not alot of people have fought her.

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1 minute ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

Blah blah I know lol but my theory comes from Doc’s in that gwynevere is Rosaria, and after Priscilla is killed, she became Rosaria and brought her daughter back

*Half of Colonel's theories* 


1 minute ago, The Good Doctor said:

Tell me I’m not a bad person. 

After the shit her fucking Bonewheels put me through, hell yeah I killed her XD Fuck Dragons!

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Just now, Witchking of Angmar said:

You're a bad person. 

I've never killed her. Never saw the point. 

She's a Dragon, a waifu bait for scalies, and a liar XD

"This land is peaceful, the inhabitants kind* 

Yeah bitch tell that to the dozen of Bonwheel Skeletons that played "roll over the Undead a thousand times" 

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