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  1. Someone popped up on that thread to make us remember why he made America great again. Because this bitch is sitting on her geriatric ass drinking box wine in Chappaqua, that's why.
  2. I mean, the case these sites are pointing to, the Newburgh Four- the guys actually cased a military base and synagogue, planted what they believed to be bombs. Am I supposed to believe their civil rights were violated because it was an FBI informant supplying the materials? They start crying for their mamas saying they aren't terrorists? Fuck those guys. Let them rot in prison.
  3. That doesn't mean you automatically credit every theory without substantiation. And I'm not saying they wouldn't, I just don't see it here. Yeah, there are links, but all to the same basic argument on blogs and light on proof. I'm not seeing actual evidence of anything other than the FBI rousting informants. Surprise, people who act as informants aren't all pillars of the community.
  4. My Mexican coworker made us Mexican street fruit. Cut up mangoes, pineapple and watermelon along with cucumber and jicama, sprinkled with this chili lime salt. It was really good. And no Montezuma's Revenge.
  5. Definitely, but if you don't get to choose which one you might want to re-think that.
  6. We get a million dollars for being white? Where do I sign up? You can have my share of mayonnaise.
  7. I agonized over my vote, too. Honestly went into the polling place intending to leave the top of the ballot blank. What got me that day was that I was just pissed off that Hillary had campaigned so hard in North Carolina when she didn't need the state (so we all thought) to win. She wanted to flip us blue just for vanity sake. That brought up all the experience with the Clintons going back to the 90s. Now honestly, Bill was not the worst President, but the Clinton machine since then has just been so corrupt. I thought the worst thing that could happen to the country was a Clinton landslide, so that everything remained status quo and worse. So I really just wanted to see Trump win North Carolina and didn't expect him to win nationally. Surprise. In my office, the two people who were undecided and who had voted for Obama at least once- went for Trump. The one guy from New York said "I got into the booth and I just couldn't vote for Hillary." But yes, I've never been so happy with a vote as I have been the past three years. The only thing I don't like is that white supremacists have been coming out of the woodwork, though not at the rate that the media likes to paint it. And that is not Trump's responsibility but a reflection of the overall fracturing of our society, which I largely lay at the feet of the neo-Marxists. They wanted us in this spot because they thought we'd be easier to manipulate into socialism. And unfortunately in some respects their long investment in undermining education and cultural institutions has paid off. It may just be that democratic pluralism can't be sustained without a shared moral foundation working as unifier. Secular culture just doesn't offer people a sense of purpose or hopefulness like religion used to.
  8. Sorry, I unfucked it again before I fully read what you were saying. Lol, BBC. Best comedy since Monty Python. Even our idiot Congress critters only went as high as 700 rounds per minute.
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