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  1. 1 hour ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

    Then Baldur hops off, without snow whale cocaine because he's the shit, uses his thu'um to propel himself right into Corio, and then Corio's mount comes to save him. Baldur kicks Corio just out of reach, thu'ums him in mid air for good measure, but Corio recalls back onto the mount that Baldur just landed on and is attempting to tame. Baldur hits his face with the back of his skull and Corio falls off again, only to catch his mount's talon, but Baldur confuses the mount with his Tinvaak and the beast goes wild, kicking Corio free. Baldur ditches the saddle, it smacks right in his face and the last thing he sees before falling down towards Alinor's magical energy shield and vaporizes is Baldur riding off with his new prize


    The end

    Then Baldur's griffin is instantly vaporized by a Sunbird.

  2. 2 hours ago, The Good Doctor said:

    Also, there is a device over the whales’ blow holes that collects the magical cocaine they release. The Nordic Cloud Berserkers inhale from the device to enter a battle trance that gives them the reckless courage to jump off the whale onto enemy griffins.

    Doesn't that shit make you enter a stupor? Not so much crazy ass battle rage high.

  3. 1 hour ago, The Good Doctor said:

    Speaking of acts of online suicidal terrorism, I was playing Red Dead Online the other day and another player messaged me to get on a nearby train. I looked over and it turns out he’s already hijacked the thing and killed or kicked off all the passengers.

    So I jumped on and he drove us through Saint Dennis (basically New Orleans) and we started a massive shootout with the police while zipping through the city on this stolen train. They chased us on horses for like twenty minutes and I burned through half my ammo killing them.

    So then the train thief invited me to a party so I could hear his mic (he had area chat turned off for some reason) and I was like “sure” cause based on his messages and what we’d just done I thought he was some kind of badass.

    Fucking kid was like eleven years old. ¬¬ I ditched him. The voice was so annoying.

    Top ten saddest endings.

  4. Contemplations
    Far-North Skaldic War-Poem

    Terrible is the power of my arm
    The Nord crumbles by the axe it bears
    I stand in want of mead, hungry and tired
    The Nord-Ghost echoes a prayer.

    From the sky, a Terrifying Nightmare appears
    Wreathed in stormcloud, her throat-curse strikes me
    Ailing in squalor I see the sky part

    As I lay in squalor, deathly prayers fill my heart
    The Nord-Ghost sits high, never in want of mead
    I call to the Nightmare, in uplifting prayer
    The smell of deathly serpents is strong, as prayers go unanswered.

    I am uncertain, what awaits us?

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  5. @ColonelKillaBee Ayy I'm pleased my retcons have been translated well to (digital) paper! With my current knowledge of the lore and experience writing, I'm exercising a vision of Roscrea that actually fits with the setting, while being my own thing.

    Knowing your love for the metaphysical and symbolic shit in Elder Scrolls, I thought you'd enjoy the Nightmare, perhaps even One-Eighth more then Doc?

    In case you don't read any of my more recent Origin posts, the native Roscreans are about the closest thing you'll get to a successor to the Dragon Cult. Ald-Tusk (The native deity that's hybridized between Alduin and the oversoul, Aka-Tusk) is the chief of their pantheon as a quasi-monotheistic religion. Jhunal is the only Nordic god worshiped by the natives, hint hint due to the Druids hint hint, while the Dov are revered as near-gods. After the events of Skyrim there was pretty serious friction between the Alduin/Aka-Tusk worshiping natives and the Haafingar-Folk.

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  6. 1 minute ago, BigBossBalrog said:

    It says in giant red letters in the Elder Scrolls themselves every valuable resource is the Empire's GOD GIVEN right to exploit! 

    nords, roscreans, dunmer, altmer, bretons, akaviri, mlemlizards, cats, orcs, redguards, bosmer, and some undead birb elves: >:(

  7. Jumping in on the discussion of the hold. Kyne's Watch would need to be more expansive then just the township if it were to be a proper hold. You need citizens to tax in the country, and since there ain't gonna be any agricultural development, hunters and caravans to bring in foodstuffs to support the city.

    Or a 'grain dole' but nevertheless, there still needs to be a rural population to have hegemony over, otherwise Kyne's Watch is little more then a royal holding of the crown within Haafingar.

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