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  1. How can I trust you, with your mound fingerers clan.
  2. There's no winning with you is there? I'll just annoy Baldur with Theudofrid instead.
  3. I'll make my character look like you in real life then, make it awkward.
  4. You're not on it either though. I'll just not trust anyone that invades me.
  5. Well since you aren't on me friends list on Xbox, thankfully your ass can't troll me when I play the remaster.
  6. You've convinced me, fuck her faction. Ew.
  7. So in Dark Souls fingers are good? The fuck is this game.
  8. No idea what's being talked about... But I agree with Doc.
  9. Of all the DLCs CA could have made, they were 'forced' to make that. What a waste, also the hell is that? Some kind of spider?
  10. You can tell its a Polish studio, post ww1 Poland being a major power? Ha!
  11. Huzzah! I'm the same way with reading, mom however can, if she focuses, read a fairly long book in a day.
  12. I've just started rereading The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov, I highly suggest it and with a little text wall why. You can either read it before any of his other novels, Robot, Empire and Foundation series or read it after the Foundation. As not only it ties into that universe but created it. Personally its best read after finishing Foundation and Earth, all in all I wish other folks would read his stuff. Got nobody to talk about it with.
  13. You mistook my intention, even after I made it aware. I don't want to change any looks.
  14. Dammit, wish hotlinking worked half the time. Basically why I call it quasi-full plate is that the breastplate while being heavily decorated still looks proper enough and even tapers a little at the waist. His legs and feet are fully protected, greaves, sabatons, cuisses. Now the arms are were it becomes quasi-full plate, because it's pauldrons and vambraces with either bare skin or a tunic.
  15. Yep, that's why I said quasi-full plate. Albeit he still has vambraces on both arms.
  16. One of the biggest Nordic badasses ever wore a quasi-full plate, Ysgramor. Which the Nordic Carved does look similar to his own, just not as protective.
  17. Shoot, I wasn't suggesting you get rid of that. It's iconic at this point for Grim Ones. Lil' more then greaves and you're right.
  18. You kidding me? Like Celan said, the Nords love that 'heavy' armor, even in the murals it shows the Nordic king in full plate armor.
  19. Thing is, I know it looks cool as shit but Nordic Carved just seems inferior to Nordic Plate, in terms of protection.
  20. I wonder which port of Skyrim they'll unveil at E3 this year.
  21. Well because I want to get better at drawing, have this digital tablet that so never use because I suck. Buuuut if you prefer I don't try my hands on the Nords that alright >:) Worry about? I ain't fighting the Nords!
  22. Do they wear standard Nordic Carved or is it any different?
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