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  1. How sturdy are they? Like if you went outside and started hitting shit with them, how much would you have to hold back?
  2. I’ll bet anyone $50 that his next animation will be Finna vs the Snow Prince.
  3. I love this guy’s videos. The Argonians’ response song is good too. My favorite is Pelinal, though.
  4. Voted Corio, Stalks, and Jadaka. Corio because he’s got half the RP gunning for him, Stalks because the shelf life on an Argonian auxiliary in service to the Aldmeri Dominion doesn’t seem very long, and Jadaka because he has been hanging from that cliff for more than a year now and I doubt he can hold on forever.
  5. Vex already stole that death scene. You'll have to think of something else. Not that it'll ever happen. Tim is the safest character in the RP.
  6. Yo, how's someone gonna vote Goblin Tim like his death is even on the table?
  7. It existed before? They were talking like it was a new thing to this expansion.
  8. @ColonelKillaBee I just read that the guy who wrote Clockwork City said that some new feature called 'Antiquities' is going to appeal a lot to lore fans in particular throughout the next year.
  9. They always make a little effort to explain why anyone could be doing them. But to be honest, I think Summerset in particular works much better for a Dominion character. The MQ turns out to be an issue that even Pact characters would want solved, but having Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians running around Alinor is pretty silly. And a lot of the DLC quests involve helping people that are technically your enemies. I haven’t seen as much on the adventures in Catland. What I have seen makes it look more suitable for anyone. Most of your allies in the MQ are humans, even. Sai Sahan and Abnur Tharn return.
  10. Tim not forget the elfs, they last three times as long. Elfy ears tickle chest while elfy mouth on goblin schlong. Yellow elf keep on talking so got silence spell in hand. Shorty elf keep on gawking at dong bigger than her man. Ashy elfs love the goblin so they show up by the dozen. Tim had fun with the green elf but Tim worry she his cousin. Pointy ears, buncha queers, livin' long but livin' wrong. Worship skies, pray to trees, and can't keep goblins on our knees. We break our chains, pay back the pains, start making gains, leave elf blood stains. Lift up claws, open mauls, chase you down your crystal halls. Burn the fields, crack the shields, Tim not stop til Thalmor yields.
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