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  1. It’ll be the funniest shit ever if the child decides on her own to extinguish the fire, becomes a Darkwraith, and starts grieving Sunbros. Balrog would be heartbroken. Though tbh I wouldn’t expect her to get much farther. The early parts have lots of easy solutions and gimmicks that a little kid can figure out. But some of the upcoming bosses? I kinda doubt it. No way she reaches Ornstein and Smough, but if she somehow does, that’ll be a brick wall.
  2. I never thought about how dangerous giants would become without mammoths to keep them well-fed.
  3. Although they coming from islands is certainly also a possibility.
  4. I guess the times don’t add up? Because otherwise that seems like... super correlated.
  5. And Redguard attire. Double culture theft. Not that I’d expect any better from a no-good elf.
  6. Don’t know how I missed this. Anything ever come of it? Anyway, this is pretty normal. Cops, EMS, and such often have a very emotionally detached way of dealing with situations like this, because they deal with them almost every day. When I worked at the hospital, I had to alternate giving CPR to a guy on-and-off for four ours. My first time. Everyone thought the guy was gonna die, but we got him stable. When it was over, the nearby doctor shrugged and was like "Welp. Didn’t expect that," and then he just turned and left. It was kinda hilarious.
  7. I guess you’re not a fellow subscriber to the theory that Balrog is actually a top tier Dark Souls badass who refuses to sully his blade with the blood of an unworthy opponent?
  8. Apparently there was a foreign version of the game that removed the ability to hurt them but they could still pick your pocket.
  9. Excruciating acts of violence like bashing someone’s skull in with a gold club?
  10. *raises hand* Not that I think they need to be ugly. I think they should be beautiful in an otherworldly sort of way. Niranye is a good example.
  11. If you want good deals, be sure to also check Belkarth in Craglorn. I‘ve found some rare stuff there for 1/2 or even 1/5 the price of what it goes for elsewhere.
  12. I’ll check out Proudspire. If it’s not enough of an upgrade I’ll probably wait until the dlc this winter and see what it brings. My money is on it being in the Reach, so hopefully we’ll get something less urban.
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