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  1. I took it as the gods were driven out of their place in the world by Christianity and Islam, and in their isolation became warped and wild and in some cases unrecognizable. The people were excited by them for a minute, then realized they might be dangerous and shot those freaks down.
  2. The ending of this thing legitimately made me laugh out loud. https://www.ronnowpoetry.com/contents/borges/Ragnarok.html
  3. And if we’re giving props for buildup, the Orphan of Kos takes it in my opinion.
  4. Ignoring everything else, the way he used our father’s location as bargain chip to send us on a suicide mission while toting his "good fight" nonsense was enough to make me hate the guy. Especially considering the Lone Wanderer is basically a kid.
  5. I know I’ve recognized the NCR guy in some other stuff lately. Thought that might’ve been it.
  6. He was talking to the horse, because he’d called it a cow right before that.
  7. I still want to believe that Balrog is secretly the greatest Dark Souls PvPer of all time and that he really just will only stain his blade with the blood of the most worthy opponents.
  8. Though since I finished the Chalice Dungeons I haven’t really felt much of an itch for Bloodborne either. Feel like I’ve done it all.
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