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  1. From what I’ve heard, you’ll be better off for it. Sounds like the game had a rough launch and will benefit a lot from patches.
  2. Do it. She’s got more personality in any given line than Lydia shows through the whole game.
  3. I’m not a fan of Epic, but collecting and selling your data without your consent is hardly unique to them. That’s like every next website you visit.
  4. The Big Dock Energy and New-U Skyrim ones are hilarious. And Zer0 has always done the face emotes. Best one I can remember is when he did a <3 to Rhys if we tell him he’s really cool.
  5. Swapped out one letter and look at the effects. That’s some cost effective trolling right there.
  6. Imagine being told that you look like an Indian on tv. Words hurt, Czar.
  7. Little edgy, but he seems like an interesting character. Approved.
  8. Also, the actual Dale Gribble is the most relatable cartoon character on television. Change my mind.
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