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  1. I had a dream about that last night, actually. A big passenger plane crashed down where I live and I was one of the first responders. Had to carefully climb into the wreckage and pull out survivors. Most vivid dream I have had in a while.
  2. Eh. Harrison Ford wasn’t special enough to die in a plane crash. Most of us probably ain’t either.
  3. Probably way more people don’t know him than do. And I mean, these guys are under orders to confiscate shampoo. Imagine not knowing what Death Stranding is and then some crazy foreign guy walks up carrying an electronic baby in a jar. You’ve gotta ask at least.
  4. Sounds like a young adult dystopian novel that would become a movie starring a plain looking female protagonist leading a band of misfits. ”They’re killing all the adults!”
  5. I'm 99% sure your favorite was Cheryl/Carol. I said Pam because Cheryl is the wrong answer. If the fat's too much of a roadblock, give Pam some cocaine and you've got yourself a strong Nord woman.
  6. Geralt the witcher, hunter of monsters, nemesis of the Wild Hunt, protector of the most powerful human in the universe... died in a sewer getting his toes nibbled by rats right in front of his girlfriend.
  7. And Shani, Sylvia, and all the others are the hundreds of other women Archer one and done’d along the way. Never happened to me but I usually play them at first opportunity. If you wait too long, maybe. I think he disappears at the end of the game and a few times before that.
  8. Skellige and Novigrad both have a tendency to bias you. Though isn’t Triss’s point of no return before Skellige? The lighthouse part before she leaves Novigrad with the mages? If you sleep with her and tell her you love her there, then you’re either locked in with her or you get the ending where Geralt ends up alone, right?
  9. Too bad Hearts of Stone didn’t give us a Shani route. Yen’s still my favorite choice but that would be fun to do in alternate playthroughs too.
  10. Yeah but that dipshit can’t even pull off a betrayal ambush, so who cares what he thinks?
  11. You might be right about fun moments, but my favorite with either of them is telling Yen that nothing feels different after killing the Djinn.
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