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  1. *Git And Czar, if you don’t finish TOW in the next week I’m gonna start killing off your RP characters at random.
  2. Nobody dissed old Samurai movies. It was the dumb manga that Colonel’s whore mouth went at.
  3. I went and said "Not gonna lie" and you think that was a lie too? That hurts man. Where’s the trust?
  4. Huh. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t have guessed it. Didn’t seem like your kinda thing.
  5. I remember that. And not even like cutting out good parts or something, he’d just reach down grab a big handful of meat. RDR2 makes it look hilariously easy, but it’s about as close to right as I’ve ever seen in a non-dedicated hunting game.
  6. I’m tempted to go down to the creek and take a picture of the impossible to fake guts, feet, and head just because it would be funny, but meh. Too much walking on hills.
  7. Did you miss that I killed and gutted papa? I’m not going back out today because I’ve been waking up at 4 and just earned some rest.
  8. I didn’t watch it. Might later since I won’t be going out in the woods this afternoon.
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