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  1. HOLY SHIT!! Gus' actor from Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito, is in The Mandalorian.
  2. Bruh I'm playing in 1212 as an Iranian faction and to make it hard on me I made my faction convert to eastern Christianity but 32 turns later its simply too much unrest with not one city going past 50% Eastern Christian. Im gonna miss those really effective church effects... Back to shitty Mosques.
  3. Nah fam, I only discovered Ralph Bakshi LOTR a few years ago.
  4. Sit your ass down, then stand back up and go. Go home. Git.
  5. Ralph Bakshi's LOTR stopped at Two Towers like the newer one.
  6. That is the gay ass Japanese (or Chinese I cant remember) animated Return of the King. I dont at all care for it RALPH BAKSHI ALL THE WAY!
  7. At least in the old one there's no gay ass looks between Sam and Frodo.
  8. As a child it also had the scariest angel of death I've ever seen. Fully practical effects too, its a bit dated now. This is the second time we see the angel of death, once again the first time isnt on youtube
  9. Lol terry gilliam is the kind of director that you either cant stand or really enjoy. The Adventures of Baron Munchousen is part of an unofficial trilogy about fantasy and imagination through the eyes of a child: Time Bandits (never seen it), young though middle aged man: Brazil (One of the creepiest and best dystopian films ever in my opinion) and finally through an old man: The Adventures of Baron Munchousen. The movie is based on German folklore and is a very loose followup to the 1943 Munchousen movie, only in that some events that took place there happened long long ago by the 1988 one.
  10. I doubt anyone here has seen it. But if I really had to pick my favorite movie it'd have to be one I rarely talk about but think so very fondly of this timeless favorite. The Adventures of Baron Munchousen (1989) is such a good fun film, you either love it or hate it with no middle ground. It has my all time favorite cinematic transition and you cant even find it on youtube! What the fuck. Really guys, give it a watch once, its a good fun movie. And we'll never have another like it again.
  11. Super Battledroids were nothing like the cheaper B1's. They were arguably better than rank and file clones too. Armor could withstand (smaller yield) blaster bolts and they were well armed too. Sadly they werent portrayed well.
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