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  1. This product may contain: Nausia, vomiting, death, watery diarrhea, and loss of limbs. Bardok:
  2. Fuck that state jurisdiction then. Thanks man, family wanted to know what state when I mentioned it.
  3. @ColonelKillaBee Bruh, just saw that video on your tumblr. That's fucked he's being charged, guess everybody against him ignored the man being jumped by a mob.
  4. Me and the boi 'bout to cross the Alps to fuck Rome.
  5. Jesus, the Japanese were really unflattering in their paintings of westerners
  6. @The Good Doctor A day in the life of Doc. Edit: That was honestly very surreal and funny, mixed with actual scary shit.
  7. Hobo Jesus completely destroys Japanese man's chess prodigy, then dances like Goblin Tim.
  8. There's so much whining about the architecture, like I get it, there is appeal in Boletaria's simplistic yet grand in scale buildings. But there's also something to enjoy about the new larger then life grandeur about it. It reminds me of Lothric except without the Gothic style of it.
  9. After looking at more comparisons, it's really only the Tower Knight boss that didn't have the best translation of the old lighting theme.
  10. @BigBossBalrog I am kinda concerned ever so slightly, because while I love how high quality and good looking the lighting is in the remake, I hope they don't make it too colorful. Also after putting some thought into it I'm actually disappointed with the new flamelurker design. Besides looking a little more generic Doom enemy, I'm worried that asshole will lose his aura of fire that utterly engulfed the OG. (Originally this comment was just about Flamelurker, but the image I'm using made me think about the lighting differences.) EDIT: I aught to note that every other boss design is absolutely lit top tier stuff, besides the Vanguard should have more glowing eyes. That shit made it much creepier then the tiny beady eyes the remake has.
  11. It's Demon Souls, I imagine From has at least given them access to the cut concept ideas and whatnot. Hard to fuck up Demon Souls when unlike Ds1, wasn't a rushed mess at places.
  12. @BigBossBalrog According to PlaystaPlay's upload of the trailer, it comes with some kind of Fractured Mode, and options for better graphics or 60fps in the options menu.
  13. Dudes if Fromsoft B team gets to remake Demon Souls the exact way they envisioned and with hindsight plus experience, this shit will rival Dark Souls in how good it is.
  14. Wait you serious? Give link. I'll fucking nut, getting to play at 60 FPS instead of twenty with the emulator will be heavenly.
  15. According to the comments on the other video, he was cleaning their crocodile pen when he legit got hunted by a pack of them and had to climb a rockwall waterfall to escape.
  16. One horse holds the bow in their mouth, another horse positions themself alongside the first and uses their hind legs to kick the bow string back. While a self loading mechanism knocks another arrow.
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