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Soulsborne Thread #7 (And Sekiro and Elden Ring and other shiet)

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Just now, The Good Doctor said:

The giant serpent-looking humps?



You can see him in this super early leaked screenshot. (Dreg Heap was Lothric Castle on fire when the eclipse happens) 

I keep hearing people screaming "IT'S KAATHE IT'S KAATHE" But I don't see any proof. It's really creepy though,

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Like that’s saying anything.  If I knew GRRM’s phone number, I could probably get him to help write the RPs. As long as it’s not Winds.

Just tell him about Colonel's foot fetish and he'll be all there 

You cant be the black knight  Thats like... black face or sum

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Just now, TheCzarsHussar said:

Three minutes in and all I can think of is




Apparently it's a homage to the asshole at Firelink in 3, they made him a class XD

And yeah; the intro is a fucking mindfuck. Just shit. They went there. THEY WENT THERE 

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Just now, TheCzarsHussar said:

I'm honestly surprised this wasn't a shitpost Balrog, good man. Unfortunately it's all ps2 quality for me since I cannot get it not to be pixelated like hell XD

Project Beast was the same 


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Yo Balrog, have you head of Dark Souls Remastest by InfernoPlus?

It's actually quite active on discord and besides having meme maps like ports from Halo 1 and 2 to play on, it does some overhauls that makes pvp so much better in 1. Best part is if you follow some instructions that's pinned, you can download a version without buying a key on some shady website. Kinda like what you did for us with Halo SPV3 XD

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Legit looks like Dark Souls 4 made by George R R Martin, unburdened by the sequels lore, with tons of stuff from Sekiro (ACTUAL STEALTH AND TRANVERSAL) and horse riding. Looks fucking insane,


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