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Soulsborne Thread #7 (And Sekiro and Elden Ring and other shiet)

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8 minutes ago, The Good Doctor said:

That was quick. O.o

How would you rank it in comparison to the other From games?

Just after Bloodborne and tied with Dark Souls 1. (There's some...things, that the Remake especially imply it's connected to Dark Souls 1 and/or Bloodborne in terms of story too) The original Demon Souls, in my opinion, was held back by it being very experimental and unpolished compared to the later entries in the Soul's games. Most of those rough aspects were polished by Blue Point. Such as;

1. Item Burden. You had a carry limit in the OG DS. In the Remake it's still there, but the player is able to deposit items directly into your storage if you don't have enough carry weight, which makes grinding/exploration WAY less tedious. 

2. Demon Souls had shortcuts, but they were way less consistent then later titles. Blue Point added shortcuts to the areas in the original game that dragged on.

3. Movement was super weird. Not only did it have four rolling, you couldn't jump, and there were two places you could vault over. Not only is there omni rolling, which makes it way less static, they add a bunch more things that you can vault over, so it's a more present mechanioc. 

4. In the original there was a huge lack of variety in terms of equipment, rings, and weapons. The Remake adds a ton more of these into the game world that don't clash (Including quite a few rings from Dark Souls) 

5. Quality of LIfe galore. They backported a ton of quality of life stuff from the newer Soul titles. Using multiple Souls at a time, giving the option to change your appearance after the Character Creator, being able to make NPC's forgive you if you accidentally aggro them, a WAY easier to understand world tendency system. 

I could go on and on about the changes, cause there's ton's, but the biggest is how much they polished the art direction and music. Demon Soul's, due to budget restraints and all that, had a very barren-looking art-style that clashed heavily with the Dark Fantasy and Gothic masterpieces the later Souls games were. Blue Point adapted FROM's style from the later games and did it perfectly. So Demon Soul's kept it's ethereal emptiness, but got a huge upgrade in visual fidelity.  And they also hired the localisation team that did Dark Souls, so the translation and localisation was put up to par in the story department! 






Blue Point took FROM's vision and polished it to a mirror sheen, while keeping what made Demon Souls such a unique game intact. 

That's the highest praise I can give them. 

Oh yeah, and they made Fist Builds super awesome XD And the combat super heavy and meaty in general. 




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Like that’s saying anything.  If I knew GRRM’s phone number, I could probably get him to help write the RPs. As long as it’s not Winds.

Just tell him about Colonel's foot fetish and he'll be all there 

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BITCHES IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING! @The Good Doctor @ColonelKillaBee @TheCzarsHussar



The game world is based on the world tree from Norse mythology, and also references something from Celtic mythology.
The gameplay is similar to Dark Souls, but the map is much larger, includes dynamic weather and day/night alternation. Imagine you fight with a Boss from day to night, he said, and the weather changes from sunny to thunderous.
The modeling of enemies is more complex, and there will be cthulu-style enemies similar to bloodborne.
Remember that red hair giant (Look up at sky, it burns)? He was badly wounded in a battle. His faction is characterized by red hair and the use of large weapons. There is also a faction characterized by white hair. The two biggest factions he has known so far seem to have come from the same ancestor, but have split up eventually.
The guy with a lot of hands at the beginning of the 2019 trailer is probably an NPC.
That crestfallen dude will appear again.
Waifu (similar to fire keeper)
Patches may not appear, or not appear in human form (bloodborne spider).
There are characters like Gael and the xanthous king.
The game development stage has been completed in the first half of 2020 and is now in the polishing stage. The game will be released in 2021, he's pretty sure. It's possible to see a new trailer after the Japanese New Year.

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  • 4 weeks later...

My bro’s been playing Bloodborne and he beat Ludwig his first try...

O.o I think I did my second try but damn. The fake version of his sword really is god tier, Trey was using that with fire paper and the axe for the whole game and is steam rolling it.

"Even the hardest dick must go flaccid." -Colonelkillabee

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22 minutes ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

My bro’s been playing Bloodborne and he beat Ludwig his first try...

O.o I think I did my second try but damn. The fake version of his sword really is god tier, Trey was using that with fire paper and the axe for the whole game and is steam rolling it.

I thought you meant your little brother for a second XD But nice for him, Ludwig is notorious for being a noob trap. 

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Just now, BigBossBalrog said:

Oh shit, that's very...surprising, from what you always tell us about him 

That he a little punk ass? Yea XD He's still a lil biatch because he's my younger bro, but he's grown up. He definitely struggled some here and there, I heard the cursing lol but he walked through Gascoigne or whatever his name is and that was the first time I realized he'd be just fine on BB.

We'll see how he handles the Orphan of Kos tho XD Tbh though, Ludwig's fake sword plus firepaper is so OP, I don't think he'll have much trouble.

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"Even the hardest dick must go flaccid." -Colonelkillabee

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