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Most Evil Characrer  

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  1. 1. Most Evil Character

    • Yornar the Witch-King
    • Theodore Adrard
    • Brund Hammer-Fang
    • Corio Adorin
    • Lorgar Grim-Maw
    • Darius Bathory
    • Maven Black-Briar
    • Ubbe the Savage
    • Theudofrid?
    • Baldur Red-Snow

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1 minute ago, BigBossBalrog said:

Colonel just wants to use this edgy moveset XD

Says the guy who envisioned Balgruuf dual wielding battle-axes. XD 

It's always nice when your writing gets reinforced by the canon after you come up with it.

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Work was slow today, so I painted a scene from one of my origins posts on the phone.

Another phone painting. This time it’s Rebbabo inspired by the RDR 2 poster.

Found a couple more RP phone paintings that I don’t think I ever shared.

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Good post. Shit's starting to get real XD Too much stressful family drama. 

It feels awful though, as soon as the two fathers find hope there SON IS ALIVE...he's in the custody of the Elven Gestapo. 

XD Dramatic irony and all that. We knew that as the audience, but it's the first time people in the RP get to know. 
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