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  1. Yes. I’ve played both KOTORs but I’m fucking with swtor because I can play as a Sith/Mandalorian/trooper/Jedi
  2. Currently really fuckin wit SWTOR if y’all play it at all
  3. If you are playing alone it try’s to pair you up with controller/console similarities but it doesn’t always happen. I’ve never really looked into it tho
  4. That’s not true at all. Idk where czar got that info but he needs to check his sources. I play on computer and all my friends are on Xbox or PlayStation. And I play solo as well. The lobby’s show you what console people are on and if the are using a controller or not
  5. It was definitley on screen. I remember reading it
  6. DoD has banned all domestic flights for service members. What that means is my leave just got denied by the fucking pentagon and I’m stuck on Oahu for the foreseeable future. FUCK MY LIFE
  7. Get ready for the boogaloo boys. That’s all I gotta say
  8. @Witchking of Angmar nah man that shit is tight as fuck!
  9. You think you could color the vault boy design you did for me? I’d like to put it as my pic
  10. For the record, I’ve been in the field since last Sunday and I don’t get home until Friday so sorry to all y’all I’m working on posts with currently
  11. No lol he has a lot of B’s in his name and thanks doc, just making sure we have equal representation
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