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  1. based on the other comments I think it had to do with Yoda being Dummy Thicc so here we are
  2. Mhmm, and it’s all reloaded to lol. After we get done shooting we have to pick up at least 90% of the brass to return it to the facility for reloading
  3. Yes. Lol civilian marketed “military grade” anything is leaps and bounds above actual military grade in quality
  4. No doubt, but the ammo we use is still pretty low quality.
  5. Lol civilians think “military grade” is high quality. Actual military grade stuff is the shittiest of the shit lmao. Even the toilet paper is garbage, it’s literally less than one ply We used to call it John Wayne paper because it’s rough, it’s tough, and it don’t take no shit from nobody
  6. I’ve never played that type of game so everything y’all are saying with slots and abilities and what not are going straight over my head. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with Ubbe and Aetius
  7. It really is heart breaking that my two favorite series in world have been covered in a mountain of shit in the last couple years. Star Wars hurt me down to my core, it hurt my childhood, it hurts my adulthood. And now game of Thrones. It’s especially hurt breaking seeing the actor reactions. Like if you watch interviews with Mark Hamill and interviews with GoT actors they all look the same and have the same speech patterns
  8. I’ll never forgive 18 year old me for passing up a 1943 Nazi stamped Kar 98K with the packing grease still on it. Pristine condition. Never fired. That keeps me up at night. Like for real keeps me up. I’ll never make that mistake again
  9. Whoever did that needs to take a nose dive off the Empire State Building
  10. So I’m an ass man right, like that’s my preferred asset of someone, well this weekend I saw the most magnificent pair of tits like wtf I was enthralled. They where 40G titties with quarter sized nipples, smooth, no stretch marks, natural and as perky as 40G can be and I was just like utter shock
  11. I feel like everything up to the red wedding was pristine game of Thrones and everything after has just been a gradual dip into an underwhelming sea of “eh”
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