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  1. Got Daniel Logan’s signature, he’s the actor who played Yound Boba in Attack of the Clones
  2. Didn’t know until just now that there is a comic con this weekend in Honolulu and and Daniel Logan (young boba get) and Ray Park (Darth Maul) are attending
  3. For your amusement, a meme that is completely perfect for the thing described above
  4. So I’m a platoon armorer now, which means I handle all the armsroom stuff for the platoon, right? Lol. Well when it comes to that stuff, no ones rank matters that is below the platoon sergeant or Lieutenant and the only thing above those is the 1st Sergeant and Captain. So these two team leaders who have the biggest superiority complexes I’ve ever seen need to tie down their attachments to their weapons, and I’ve told them and told them and even gave them the cord to do it with today and they still didn’t do it, so basically the next time they draw weapons, I’m not going to turn their weapons in until the shit is tied down and tied down properly. Knowing them, this is going to be fun lmao
  5. Ok, imma “request” all the civil war related mods you have installed. And by request I mean demand. Let’s go
  6. E X P L A I N I T *cough* I’m not gonna play bloodborne, or I won’t remeber by the time I do *cough*
  7. I took two drinks last night, half the bottle at the beganing and the other half at the end. 12 hours of undisturbed rest and no alcohol and I’m still drunk
  8. Guess who has three bottles of Jäger, so far, and three days drink?
  9. Holy shot dude... cant even catch a break. Hoping for the best man
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