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  1. Okay so I worked through the quests and have 10 that I really would like to make
  2. It’s definitely ambitious, but I really want to do it and as I’m writing all the ideas down I’m struggling not to laugh like an idiot
  3. you’d want to complete it trust me probably me lmao but I know there’s a lot of forums where people will do quality voice work for mods for free just because they like to. There’s a few characters were normal voice work just doesn’t do them justice so if have to do those myself anyways. If you have questions about anything on there I can answer in some greater detail. I’d like for each character to have like atleast 20 lines of random dialogue kinda like the “almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter” line plus actually be fleshed out and able to answer questions and such because I have so many hilarious things I’ve heard from my time in that having some of those things in the mod would just be golden
  4. Just fielding a question. Would y’all be interested in something like this if I actually sat down and made it a real thing
  5. Also I’ve been seeing all of the people I knows “back to school” pictures and shit and came to the realization that I’m gonna be 22 damn near 23 as a freshman and everyone I know will be graduated when I start college
  6. I’d rather fuck a cheese grater specifically shaped and sized for my dick than have Killary as a president.
  7. Did you forget my vape cloud picture and the flag you gave me? Tried that too lmao
  8. Tried that before and it didn’t work. I think I’m gonna try to slowly ween myself off or go to a doctor and see what they can do for me
  9. If you think for a second that the CIA isn’t the single most powerful entity in the world and anything anywhere happens without them knowing you are straight up dead wrong.
  10. When I get back to Hawaii I need to quit smoking. Ever since this rotation started I’ve been burning like two-two and half packs a day. One of the team leaders walked to the smoking area and said “Damn Phil, I don’t think I’ve seen you with a smoke in your hand.” But like quoting is hard as fuck and idk what to do honestly
  11. It was ok, the Fijian were super friendly and we had some good times. I got drunk on water with some ground root in it, that wasn’t a good time but you know lmao
  12. Also Indonesia is third world as fuck. 10x worse than Fiji
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