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  1. Im really, really hoping JJ is able to save the new trilogy from the raging dumpster fire Ryan Johnston put it into. If not, at least I have The Mandalorian to keep my soul resting easy
  2. Yo so the rich girl I’m friends with is at Kevin Durant’s party rn
  3. God damn Wayne’s world quit sucking each other off in front of all of us. Yall’re like a more challenged version of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dune. A regular couple of Bill & Teds then never actually accomplish anything. Where’d y’all meet? Circlejerks-R-is? Couple a long titty no nipple havin asses. Lookin like y’all open a business called “Handies & Sandies: And we’re all out of Sandies.” Livin on Rusty Trombone Blvd. Y’all the kind of guys that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around!
  4. Lol y’all know how many times a day people call me and alcoholic to my face? Colonels right, it’s like calling me dude or bro
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