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  1. Funny. And I can appreciate the yellow sabers; they don't get enarly enough love. Gotta love that KOTOR Sentinel.
  2. I'm watching the stream and they're talking about Blackreach and stuff (something about "what else has been down there?" etc.), so my money is on the ol' Volkihar being somehow related to Blackreach. The vampire kinda looked like it was going to an underground place in the trailer, after all.
  3. On and off. Haven't caught up on Vvardenfell and Summerset yet, but I did play through Elsweyr. Definitely going to do this one though. Sad that there doesn't seem to be a new class coming though.
  4. Regarding the origins for Aenar, I am looking for someone to write with for 3, or thereabouts, short chapters. I won't spoil what these will be, but I will give a rundown of 3 characters of import I hope someone else would write: An instructor at the College with a martial bent. Maybe even Giraud Gemane, as he was a soldier before he was a bard. Someone about Aenar's age; his partner in crime! A strict instructor, usually running afowl of the one above.
  5. I dunno about OG, as I mostly joined in around chapter 2 Helped catalyze a lot of arguing too, so that's going to be fun But yes, it's going to be gloriou- I mean fun. FUN! fun...
  6. What's their code again? I can't find it on the bar and been a long time since I've been on a forum like this now...
  7. With a full time job, and DM responsibilities in a D&D group and a separate RP, I can be too
  8. Sure, but I don't want to do it alone even so!
  9. I will! And on that note; anyone interested in doing a bit of pre-stuff with him? Maybe a "best off" selection of his backstory sort of thing and what he was doing during the conflict. If offered, he would've definitely taken Volkihar blood, but oh well...
  10. Hehe. Well, Sam was never going to tip the scales anyway and I am glad I did go through with it at the time. He was a lot of fun. Hmm, I wonder what ol' Sammy boy is up to these days...
  11. He's not, I'm just referencing how I pulled that switch on you back in the day, with Samuel I was surprised I wasn't kicked for subverting all three GMs with that
  12. Thank you! I'm working on some notes for my (... totally not another vampire ... ...) character. Should have a basic outline ready to go soon. He's probably going to start in Kyne's Watch, so if anyone there think they would run into him, feel free to mention it when I've got it posted
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