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  1. You know I mean modern times. Back then walls was a regular necessity.
  2. We're about to get our first gated community (or have as all I know is there was a controversial commercial about it a couple of years ago). Something that was unthinkable a couple of decades or so ago.
  3. I wouldn't exactly call my country California. Fact is the majority of the population is for a strict immigration policy. It's just that those in charge live right next to Insufferable Hipster-ville and are sadly heavily influenced by them. Not to mention a large part of our national media journalists come from Insufferable Hipster-ville.
  4. I kinda hate certain people in my country when it comes to immigration. When the immigrants enter the country: "Welcome! Bring the whole family." When the immigrants enter their neighborhood: "Get the fuck out and back to the ghettos you filth! I paid good money to live here and you're ruining the property value."
  5. I haven't. Though I do know Finland has this stereotype of loving saunas and excessive drinking.
  6. Will try to remember that. Though only for here as any of my other social circles would flay me alive if I said it.
  7. It got the exaggerated accent. Words are just made up though.
  8. If they're gonna make fun of my history, at least do so with an exaggerated accent and semi-correct pronunciation.
  9. Couldn't they at least have tried to get the pronunciation correct? Leif isn't pronounced "Lif", it's pronounced "Lejf".
  10. Come on. No one here ever gets upset about you folk joking about IKEA.
  11. I wish I could come up with a retort without getting political.
  12. I know I can't make things change. I just wanted to voice a feeling I've been having for a while now.
  13. I still feel that letting it lie for so long has it fade and the chance of it being picked up decreases.
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