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  1. For me it was like the Battle of the Bastards; Jon runs into a stupid situation and is bailed out by someone riding in to save the day. But with the added aspect of "why the fuck are they doing this to begin with?"
  2. One interesting twist could then instead be that they kill the Night King early, only for the rest of the White Walkers to step up and keep going.
  3. One thing I wonder though is if they kill one White Walker and his forces crumble, can another White Walker rez those fallen?
  4. I think it could be possible if you kill a few key White Walkers that their forces crumble enough to become a trickle. In which case they would need to regroup to form a solid mass for attack. But that's a big if and relies on stuff like that the White Walkers they kill control a sizable portion of the army.
  5. Well they have hinted heavily at Winterfell falling in the advertisement leading up to the season with shots of a Winterfell abandoned in all haste. Though it's hard to tell what will happen. The writers seems to have someone on board to keep some track of logistics as they had Sansa say feeding the army would be a problem. But the writers have also shown the ability to forget about such stuff when it suits them. One possible scenario though is that they actually manage to repel the undead army by killing a few White Walkers. Which buys them enough time to organize and execute a retreat. And they might not need to get all the food with them. Just enough to last the war and till they can get back. It's not like the undead are gonna pilfer the food stores.
  6. Nothing overclocked. Have been running machine learning algorithms on it though. But it was a long time ago I ran anything really taxing on it apart from games. Though I was only browsing the web when it happened.
  7. Kinda like how the Boltons pulled their win against Stannis. I'm sensing a pattern here. Which was something everyone should have seen coming. Why not just be honest and say that if Dany comes out from the war in the North with as little as only one dragon she could very easily win? Why not just have it be an accepted risk and ignore Cersei for the time being?
  8. Didn't they state that they had practically lost their naval capacity? I remember Dany being very upset about Euron taking over the sea without her being able to do anything about it. I think they said that she would attack them. If she doesn't she has just hired 20.000 men to sit around and twiddle their thumbs for a few years. Which would be silly expensive and could possibly bankrupt her out of the throne more than Dany could take it with her dragons. Which is a risk the show stated she is willing to accept when she agreed to help Jon. I mean they didn't even go to that truce meeting with the belief that Cersei would agree to anything more than to not attack Dany for a couple of years.
  9. I'm pretty sure they destroyed enough of it that carrying all her army would no longer be feasible. Besides, why not take the Twins? It's very strategically important location that Robb even died because of. Though that is not really stated in the show as the big betrayal or threat. Instead they have Cersei hire 20.000 mercenaries to attack the North during winter as the big betrayal. I also don't understand why they concern themselves with the south when their holdings there are negligible. Especially compared with the prospect of gaining the North and the Vale by helping Jon.
  10. It really feels like they are going hinge the conflict on stupid miscommunication rather than outright handing someone the idiot ball. Also I managed to figure out and put my finger on one of the things that bothered me this episode. They had multiple scenes where they talk about how clever and intelligent Tyrion is despite repeatedly handing him the idiot ball. The fact that they need to tell the audience how clever Tyrion is instead of showing it. Besides, why even hand him the idiot ball? Instead of saying Cersei would help and be tricked by her, why not say that she cannot attack them in the rear. Dany got the Twins (she must have since she got no fleet to carry her troops and so they must have crossed the Twins to reach the North) so any attack from the south is out of the question. Attacking the North when winter has arrived is also suicide under normal circumstances as Stannis nearly found out. Attacking the North during an ice zombie invasion is just stupid and would just add men to the undead army. Why isn't Cersei just fortifying the south and waiting out winter?
  11. I find it a little odd that Jon didn't say anything about not wanting to push his claim when Dany spelled it out that he had one.
  12. I think it might. Certainly hope that it's just the graphics card that need's changing. Would hate having to lose a lot of my files and having to reinstall all the games and programs.
  13. I've already tried two different hdmi cables on all the different hdmi sockets on my computer. They work fine for my PS4 but nothing works for my computer. Either way, I still got the guarantee and will call in tomorrow.
  14. I don’t know. Screen froze and after a restart there was no signal to the screen. Screen and cable works though.
  15. Seems like it’s time for a new thread. Also my computer broke. So there wont be any gaming or drawing for a while.
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