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  1. You know, I was actually both relieved and a little disappointed when those things showed themselves to be quite a bit easier in DS3.
  2. I always thought she was just delusional. Either way, she didn't attack me and I generally don't attack first. And she didn't kill any npc I liked so I don't really regret it.
  3. I remember her because you don't need to fight her. When first approached she literally just points you to the exit and asks you to leave.
  4. I don't get it. Does Martin have a foot fetish? Also we should create a new thread.
  5. I saw a review that said that there is pretty much no scene that doesn’t include the Joker in some way. Thus that the entire movie is told from his limited and biased perspective. So in that way it would make sense that we don’t see the reasons for why other people in the story are terrible since Joker doesn’t get to see it.
  6. I'm pretty sure they would love to buy IKEA if they could. They practically bought the Swedish car brand Volvo and have been very enthusiastic in getting their fingers into as many pots as possible. I'll give Trump's government one thing and that is the decision to block Huawei from national network infrastructure. My country is still dithering about not letting a Chinese controlled corporations provide network infrastructure hardware. Chinese corporations are by law required to cooperate with Chinese intelligence and military. I don't need to spell out what kind of risks that entails.
  7. At least you people got some awareness going regarding the Chinese problem. In my country it's been really quiet across the political spectrum regarding shady Chinese influence.
  8. Possibly? Has she inherited her father's lust for cutting people?
  9. What I remember of couples' first times. Rebec and Baldur: Drunk strangers in need to blow off some steam. Dales and her maid: Fancy loss of virginity in moonlight. Maid dies. (Vaguely remember it was retconned that it was Dales' first.) Yornar and Maggie: One is a pervert, the other is a seductress with an eye for opportunity. Ended with both feeling a bit better than usual. Boldir and Carlotta: Actual passion and romance after long buildup and waiting. I feel that Boldir and Carlotta clearly had the best beginning. Though I guess I can't say the same about their ending.
  10. Alright, did a bit more digging. In the old Cyberpunk you could get something called cyberpsychosis if your humanity dropped low enough. And since you can see in the first gameplay video when at the doc that implants also costs humanity I'm guessing the sickness will also be in 2077. Not sure in what way the sickness will affect the game but if I'm to take a guess your dialogue options will probably get more limited. Maybe sympathetic and persuasive options will get locked out, or maybe you will automatically pick violent options at times.
  11. I’m certain you can at least keep the implants to a minimum, given that they also has a humanity cost. Yes you got a stat called humanity that will lower the more implants you got. Apparently it was part of the original Cyberpunk and if your humanity dropped too low you would incur some kind of trait/sickness.
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