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  1. And she, unlike Torbjörn, has an actual Swedish voice actress.
  2. I think that's more exclusive to the US. Here we don't have any "black culture", even though some of the immigrants have decided to try to adopt a more US "black gangster" appearance. Black, white or whatever you people at least seem to subscribe to the idea that you are all Americans. Here some people like to consider certain immigrants traitors for trying to be Swedish.
  3. I really hate the concept of race traitor and the like because one assimilates into larger cultural society. Granted, it's probably because here segregation like that is relatively new while you've had it since the US began. Ironically the thing is because of the heavy segregation here the majority of the people that suffer from the consequences of unchecked immigration are the immigrants themselves.
  4. I don't really follow politics on social media either. My observations mostly stem from what certain journalists like to write while also living in a very segregated middle class neighborhood and whatever outrage on social media manages to reach the more mainstream media.
  5. I'd say it follows a similar pattern here. Urban areas have always been rather liberal here, though it used to mainly only be in the form of market liberalism, which was considered to be on the right. It's only relatively recently that the cultural liberalism has come into our society which has coincided with the huge upswing of immigrants coming to the country. This kind of liberalism is mostly concentrated with the well doing middle class, whom has been reported to move out of a neighborhood as soon as it gets too diverse. Segregation is quite rampant here.
  6. Yeah, it's not all over my country either. It seems to mainly be a big city thing. In either case, the hypocrisy is very irritating.
  7. Sounds like we have one thing heavily in common between our countries.
  8. All of Scandinavia does it in some way. We also celebrate midwinter, which we call Jul, which you people would recognize as Christmas.
  9. Also really large and intrusive. Any way to scale them down?
  10. Looks like Fenris is about to devour the sun. Also I’m gonna have to accuse you of cultural appropriation.
  11. Funny is that those games I that require power are the ones that are the least of a problem when it comes to my time wasters. Probably because they are games I put a bit more effort in having time to sit down with.
  12. I was never that productive when it came to drawings to begin with.
  13. Well my computer is back. Also happened to get a factory reset so my Photoshop license and files are all gone. License will probably take a phone call to customer support to get back. Quite miffed about drawings though.
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