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  1. Bruh Just stupid ass tumblr shit bruh. White looking ass bee. @The Good Doctor Since you reacted with the confused reaction, I'm joking about a post Colonel made on tumblr. https://colonel-killa-bee.tumblr.com/post/190145586765/anarchosurfism-i-wonder-whats-popping-on
  2. @ColonelKillaBee Ahem. Bruh. POLICE OPEN UP THATS VERBAL BLACKFACING Lol I just saw that post in your tumblr
  3. I've gotten in bois. Middle Georgia University, History Major. My classes are Anthropology, British Literature (), World History pre-1650,World History post-1650. Next semester I'm gonna have to learn a language.... I'll be taking FRENCH
  4. @ColonelKillaBee The sound design and music of The Lighthouse is legit some of the best Ive heard in a horror movie. All from a relatively unknown studio as well. Legit very well done. Why'd you spill yet beans?
  5. It's a very weird movie. Like the kind of thing Theu would raise an eyebrow at.
  6. So I just finished watching The Lighthouse. @The Good Doctor @BigBossBalrog @ColonelKillaBee Firstly let me say that was a really good movie. Secondly WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH. It was certainly a lovecraftian psychological horror and had plenty of creepy weird shit happening that mind yall is never explained. Throughout the movie your questioning the sanity of both characters and it's a madhouse near the end. The deep sea horror stuff is subtle, until it's not and then it's like fucking madness up in your face. I rate it a Bloodborne/10, would descend into madness again.
  7. I have no issues with this Iranian general dying, fuck'em. I'm only unhappy about the thought of innocent civilians being caught in the blasts, if that were the case.
  8. Baghdad? Well that's in Iraq not Iran. Unless our military coordinated with Iraq then we just bombed a country out of the blue. Not to mention once again, a fucking airport.
  9. So we legit just bombed an Iranian airport? Like an airport filled with civilians?
  10. Probably not, hopefully not. I certainly don't envy the thought of being drafted.
  11. Realistically all we'd have to do to cripple Iran is successfully occupy and hold Khuzestan. That's literally accounting for the vast majority of Iran's wealth considering it's the only part of the country that has large oil deposits. Plus it isn't mountainous to all FUCK like the rest of Iran.
  12. Considering we'd have a Great War style of alliances and pacts go off from such a conflict, I imagine relations will remain lukewarm with Russia in that event.
  13. Well fuck. Our boys are better equipped and trained then Iran but arent they backed by Russia? War with them could flat out begin ww3. Not to mention the majority of Iran is fucking mountainous as all hell. I cant imagine war with them would go so swiftly. Heres to hoping that isnt going to happen.
  14. I haven't been meeping up politically lately. The fucks going on with Iran?
  15. Lol I was in a picture taken at the new years party I went to and of course because its at THAT angle it makes me look like I got a Hitlerstache
  16. The future is nigh me bois, have a happy new year fellows.
  17. Even back then George was pretty cold with Jason Wingreen, man didn't even bother getting up to shake hands. I've never been one to care about Han Shot First™ but ever since I first heard the original Boba Fett voice I liked it much more then Morrison, not that he was a bad voice actor, it's just that the gruff voice acting of Wingreen fit better. But at the end of the day I'm not a Boba fanboy, I give no shits
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