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  1. Lol why do Eastern Europeans make the craziest/best Elder Scrolls art?! It's like they're all about as insane as MK.
  2. Learned this from my history class. Apparently there was an African martial art practiced by a moderately large number of slaves in Brazil that was disguised as a dance to avoid being severely punished for practicing it. Not only can black folks dance, they can apparently kick your ass while doing it
  3. Remember all that character development around it? Like how Zuko could have easily killed his father by redirecting it at him, and all the gritting learning involved with such powerful technique? This is it now. Also honestly Korra is the most unlikable asshole in the entire show. She is consistently an absolute cunt with shitty character development. Oh and by the way, the Avatar is literally just a spirit kite.
  4. Remember that fire bending technique closely guarded by the royal family that allows you to S H O O T L I G H T N I N G ? Yeah well every firebender and their brother know can easily shoot lightning and uses it to power their 1920 generators.
  5. I also grew to really hate the setting. Avatar had the fire nation and the fire nation alone experimenting with industrialization while still maintaining an Asiatic theme that wasn't leaning too hard in any period. There were cool steampunk shit here and there like the giant ass drill but it still fit the aesthetic, only at the end of the show did the fire nation really bring out the big steampunk shit with airships (something they hadn't even produced themselves but reverse engineered). Korra completely ruins the aesthetic by not only making everybody industrialized only two generations or so after Avatar but turned everything into fucking 1920's America. Turning what was badass and new from Avatar into the mundane and overly advanced.
  6. Bleh. I tried giving Korra a good chance but it just wasn't anywhere near as good as Avatar. Plus I'm less then happy with all the retcons and stupid additions. If I was into Witcher stuff I'd be skeptical.
  7. Well fuck. One of mom's friends was murdered yesterday. Light skinned black dude found shot up on someone's yard.
  8. Its pretty bad that I'm mentally reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in Dr. Seuss' voice. That's how its written.
  9. Just got back from the theater. Man 1917 was a great movie, it had some extremely good sound design and choreography. Plot was good too. Yall should give it a watch. Speaking of watching, @ColonelKillaBee watch The Lighthouse fuccboi
  10. I'm surprised you remembered Magalos Doc, considering he's a Chapter 4 character to come.
  11. All anyone would need to do to instantly kill someone would be to have Theudofrid write poetry and read it aloud.
  12. @ColonelKillaBee Did you ever get a chance to watch The Lighthouse? Also @Witchking of Angmar I'm sorry about the delay, I'll get to the post soon.
  13. I haven't gotten that far into it yet, I recall reading a summery on Beowulf long ago but I'm actually getting to read the legit poetry. I feel like my classmates might have a hard time adjusting to the archaic as all fuck writing.
  14. King Arthur: Who are you? Beowulf: I'm you but better.
  15. Bruh as part of my British Literature class I'm getting to read Beowulf and straight up this is easily gonna outdo any of the Anglo-Norman Chivalric and romantic poetry shit.
  16. I kept up with that actually, little shit couldn't say anything meaningful back.
  17. Jokes aside Iran fucked up even harder with that stunt.
  18. Yeah it really does suck, from what I heard yesterday there weren't any survivors. What? No your ass didn't lol.
  19. Dont know why Colonel reacted with the confused emote. Man looks straight up like Tormund.
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