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  1. Doc, she has the single greatest Dark Souls player of all time helping her. His radiant godlike skill at PVP shall be her guiding light.
  2. Phew good god after not playing Bloodborne since the beginning of this year, jumping back in against Martyr Spam wasnt easy. Took me four attempts and I only died due to his spam, which once I got back in the groove dodged without effort.
  3. Bruh that Giant went hard as fuck, he never skipped leg day in his life.
  4. Because the allusion was there wasn't any life left in Atmora. Unless the Sea Giants are so fucking badass that they like the Kamal literally freeze in place until the warmer season and thaw. "When I traveled to Atmora, I punted Lorkhan's serpent ass to his own body-moon"
  5. @ColonelKillaBee @The Good Doctor Just thought of a problem with the Sea Giants inhabiting Atmora In his written ramblings, didnt Vivec say he traveled to Atmora to find it devoid of life, with only frozen bearded kings?
  6. @The Good Doctor Remember my short Origins post, The Sea-Berserker? Think I unintentionally plagiarized ESO before it even came out
  7. Aaaaand theres also Roscrea which would make for a good base of operations, help explain why Uriel conquered it too.
  8. Unless they arent taking it into account, the Sea Giants are pretty well armed. They've either had to mine or pilfer the iron to smith themselves armor.
  9. We know according to diolauge that they came from north of Skyrim.
  10. Their population must have died off then between ESO and the Third/Fourth era then.
  11. There's a good chance these might actually be canon Roscreans. That or just inhabitants of unammed islands north of Skyrim that isn't Roscrea.
  12. Actually they do match. I suppose this old guy could have murdered this young woman and then went to a different park and kill himself.
  13. Someone blew their brains out in a nearby park that same morning but I dont think its correlated. Nothing else came of it that I know or, no bodies found in the graveyard.
  14. Therapist: Deacons of the Deep aren't real they cant hurt you. Deacons of the Deep:
  15. Lowkey the small child is Colonel after he unleashes the raw cosmic power Balrog has hidden.
  16. Called the cops and a deputy went out to talk with me and mom. He seemed completely disinterested, I hope it was just us misinterpreting his voice and body language.
  17. Okay no this isn't my imagination, it also woke mom up. This is seriously fucked.
  18. Okay so its six in the morning and I heard a women's blood curdling screams from the graveyard. Not even joking, someone probably just got murdered out there. Like these were so genuine too I almost went outside with my pistol.
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