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  1. Leather armor. Leather scale armor. Viking? Leather scale viking age armor. Does not compute.
  2. Hey @Witchking of Angmar, have you by any chance ever ran into a Laplander/Sami?
  3. Looking back, that's some really stiff janky animation.
  4. Interesting ideas but I wasn't into the Forerunners being flat out Japanese architects. Nor the Elites even more literally being space alien Japanese.
  5. Him: Fantasy futuristic armor. Balrog: SaMuRaI ArMoR !
  6. Purportedly Mao and Stalin couldn't stand each other, though publicly they portrayed themselves as great friends.
  7. Hitler is still pretty fucking high on the list, but I fully agree that Stalin was on a different plain of evil. You know I love me some history, Russian history included. Replace Aryan with Slavic and you pretty much have a similar picture with Stalin's period too. Except the non-Slavs where mostly accused of collaborating with Germans and exiled to Siberia, that or your friendly rural gulags. I just about went and wrote up another paragraph lol, but I'll say the world would have been a much better place had the White Russians (the anti-communist remnants of the Russian Empire) won the civil war after WW1. No communist repression and murder across Eastern Europe, no communist China (Mao got as far as he did with some serious Soviet aid), no powerful communist parties that nearly took over Germany before Hitler's rise to power. The fear of a communist Germany is what really helped the nazi party gain legitimate power.
  8. A salty weapon art swapping resummoner host accidentally killed himself with CE instead of me Never change ds3 community.
  9. Theo's a fucking time traveler according to the many pictures of him in different periods. I actually don't recall why Yornar has a snuff fetish with the elves, what's the reasoning again?
  10. It's currently the darker sequel where the protagonist is weathered and more hostile than before.
  11. Yornar most likely, I'm all for crushing the Elves with a big fur clad Nord boot, but his ass wants them all gone. Noble Messed up.
  12. Theu being evil is just too funny a meme for me to ever let down.
  13. Why is Theu even on this list? Don't you know he's just the most trustworthy, kindly, unassuming, awkward, nonthreatening sweet old man in the RP?
  14. Lorgar doesn't have room to speak, being the mutt he is.
  15. @ColonelKillaBee Witness the entire surface area and circumstance of my nuts, and lick them.
  16. Well color me impressed, I wish the cuirass was smooth like the original design but still I like it. What mod added it, Ashes?
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