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  1. Its pretty bad that I'm mentally reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in Dr. Seuss' voice. That's how its written.
  2. Just got back from the theater. Man 1917 was a great movie, it had some extremely good sound design and choreography. Plot was good too. Yall should give it a watch. Speaking of watching, @ColonelKillaBee watch The Lighthouse fuccboi
  3. I'm surprised you remembered Magalos Doc, considering he's a Chapter 4 character to come.
  4. All anyone would need to do to instantly kill someone would be to have Theudofrid write poetry and read it aloud.
  5. @ColonelKillaBee Did you ever get a chance to watch The Lighthouse? Also @Witchking of Angmar I'm sorry about the delay, I'll get to the post soon.
  6. I haven't gotten that far into it yet, I recall reading a summery on Beowulf long ago but I'm actually getting to read the legit poetry. I feel like my classmates might have a hard time adjusting to the archaic as all fuck writing.
  7. King Arthur: Who are you? Beowulf: I'm you but better.
  8. Bruh as part of my British Literature class I'm getting to read Beowulf and straight up this is easily gonna outdo any of the Anglo-Norman Chivalric and romantic poetry shit.
  9. I kept up with that actually, little shit couldn't say anything meaningful back.
  10. Jokes aside Iran fucked up even harder with that stunt.
  11. Yeah it really does suck, from what I heard yesterday there weren't any survivors. What? No your ass didn't lol.
  12. Dont know why Colonel reacted with the confused emote. Man looks straight up like Tormund.
  13. Bruh Just stupid ass tumblr shit bruh. White looking ass bee. @The Good Doctor Since you reacted with the confused reaction, I'm joking about a post Colonel made on tumblr. https://colonel-killa-bee.tumblr.com/post/190145586765/anarchosurfism-i-wonder-whats-popping-on
  14. @ColonelKillaBee Ahem. Bruh. POLICE OPEN UP THATS VERBAL BLACKFACING Lol I just saw that post in your tumblr
  15. I've gotten in bois. Middle Georgia University, History Major. My classes are Anthropology, British Literature (), World History pre-1650,World History post-1650. Next semester I'm gonna have to learn a language.... I'll be taking FRENCH
  16. @ColonelKillaBee The sound design and music of The Lighthouse is legit some of the best Ive heard in a horror movie. All from a relatively unknown studio as well. Legit very well done. Why'd you spill yet beans?
  17. It's a very weird movie. Like the kind of thing Theu would raise an eyebrow at.
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