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  1. Also, officially beat Demon Souls. Damn good souls game for sure. Highlight of the game was the entirety of world 3, which was my favorite.
  2. Old King Allant is dead first try, pretty fun boss fight but honestly if you don't parry Gwyn, he's the harder boss. I was a little annoyed at times because the game wouldn't pick up me hitting the circle button some times during this fight, only ever did it during this one.
  3. Jesus there comes a point when you gotta wonder if this guy is mentally sound.
  4. @ColonelKillaBee Tumblr: "Fr fr id bang your DB hes my daddy now" Also Tumblr: "Get fucked and die" Colonel's living the life.
  5. Sorry for the spam. This place is some of From's best work. Only place in the whole series to actually scare and startle me several times, not only with jumpscares but the environment too. 3-2 is just Anxiety Souls
  6. JESUS CHRIST I uh... reached the bottom. This place is nightmare fuel. The enemies down here actually make me uneasy, it reminds me of a childhood fear of this certain H.P. Lovecraft book cover.
  7. I am fully convinced that I am within a Nightmare (from Bloodborne). This nightmare merged with the physical world and is literally being anchored by this heart at the center.
  8. @BigBossBalrog @ColonelKillaBee @The Good Doctor Demon Souls has the fucking scariest areas of the series. I haven't finished it yet and I can only imagine how much worse (in a good way) it gets. World 3-1 is straight up Bloodborne Lovecraftian where you have to navigate a prison guarded and patroled by squid headed mages who are basically the forefathers of the brainsuckers. They even have the same magic that sticks you in place. The world ends with an interesting boss... Haven't gotten far in 3-2 but this place is legit fucking scary. @ColonelKillaBee It feels like what the Nightmare of Menis would look like if it was left unchecked forever. Plus you have fucking demons you can hardly see flying around the darkness (this place is very far up from the ground) who you can only really tell are there by the red eyes. Haven't reached it yet but there is even something massive that's all chained up and pulsing in the center. Kinda looks like an organ.
  9. -2 points Looks like your imperial lover is on imgur too.
  10. Hell some of Alexander's generals are cooler then he is. Ptolemy, asshole he may be, his dynasty outlived all the others. Of course the Seleucids in theory are still cooler Come on, one of the Seleucids favorite imagery was a fucking anchor.
  11. Oh I'm interested all right. (I actually do like 300 by the way, even with its many, many inaccuracies ) Is this show on HBO, Hulu or Netflix?
  12. @ColonelKillaBee @BigBossBalrog The newest version of the emulator is finally well optimized. I get an average of 30 fps throughout the game...had to restart as I lost all my saves though. Only had that tower prison left and then straight to Allant.
  13. I like the lore of Demonbrandt where its supposedly more powerful the less demonic it's owner is. And the more our character levels up, the mote demonic we become so in theory it'd lose it's power over time. Edit: Despite what the crestfallen warrior says about our character becoming more powerful and demonic through gaining souls (and leveling) the sword is effected by character tendency.
  14. @BigBossBalrog Also while I love Old King Doran, he's kinda a mixed bag when you stop to think about it. On one hand he's a fucking badass demi-god who casually brushes aside your attacks (after proving yourself worthy) until he decides he feels like accepting your challenge then precedes to two shot your ass with his (false?) Northern Regalia. But all this begs the question, why doesn't the mythical founder of the kingdom actually go out and punt the demons himself? He's charged himself with protecting the kingdom yet spends all his time in the mausoleum guarding a fucking sword. You have a (lesser) Gwyn like figure who's even more useless then Gwyn.
  15. I may not be as petty as @ColonelKillaBee but I have my moments. They're all dead.
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