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  1. Medieval Kingdom devs, at least the ones I interacted with are great. I stayed active in their discord for around two hours helping noobs with basic modding troubleshooting and helping DETrooper (the head scripter) iron out a game breaking bug. He finally was able to fix the crash by flat out nuking the pretender factions causing the issue.
  2. I'm fully caught up in the Mandalorian. It's a good show it really is. I'm very pleased to see non force users focused on, space wizards are cool and all but boy have I grown tired of them
  3. Would any of yall be willing to share the Disney+ info so I could check out the show? The mouse would have my ass if I torrented
  4. Also @BigBossBalrog bruh even the Medieval Kingdoms 1212 devs throw flak at Ancient Empires. I was memeing it up with the devs on how insane the number of units Rome has. "You can only recruit the Bone munching standard double strength neanderthal marian legion in the cut province of oofenland"
  5. @ColonelKillaBee Yo you up for some Halo Reach today? I've been itching to play with yall.
  6. ...there's a game breaking bug that crashes on certain emergent factions end turn. F U C K I was having such a fun campaign as the Tsardom of Bulgaria too, Milan declared war on me several turns before the crash bug and brought all of northern Italy against me as well. I was just about to crush an army sent against me too.
  7. @BigBossBalrog @Witchking of Angmar Medieval Kingdoms 1212 campaign is finally O U T! Get yall asses to Total War Attila and experience the closest thing to Med 3 we'll ever get.
  8. Cinders did the IMPOSSIBLE. Clerics Candlestick is a badass weapon now. It can cast sorceries, miracles and pyromancies. Even though it also has split damage, its ar is pretty high and the spell buff ain't bad at all.
  9. I just discovered where the transposing kiln is. Those cheeky kunts with a k. It's right under our nose.
  10. I didn't die to them but Cinders actually made the Deacons a....only slightly harder fight. Ya tried.
  11. Besides the Bloodborne weapons I disagree. Unless things get worse from here I'm level 50 at the cathedral, things seem great this far. The mod has gone through some major patches since you last played (publicly mentioned on the forum at least)
  12. The Tonitrus is lit tho. I'm a pyro and popped that thing with a raw gem and shit is smacked for like 440 damage per r1.
  13. I've been pretty sick for the past two days. So after a day's rest yesterday I had an urge to play some souls. At first it was dsr on ps4 but while browsing YouTube I found out Cinders had an update. I finally relented and tried the mod out to see if it's really a fresh experience and boy it certainly is. Its not like experiencing the game for the first time but awfully close to it. In fact my one and only complaint is how the author ported Bloodborne weapons into it. I'm fine and happy with Demon souls, ds1 and ds2 weapons and armor but bloodborne is so unfitting. I've also been in its version of the Company of Champions covenant from the start and holy hell that really does make it harder (even with only one extra pact). Overall while we're all waiting for Elden Ring I suggest giving it a try. Goodnight yall. @BigBossBalrog @ColonelKillaBee
  14. Lol I'd love to jump in and relive an active Reach, buuuut alas ain't got the money to spare.
  15. And I got Svantepollachhirddrum but you don't see me going around saying Ayy Wuddup to Redder Redemeder
  16. Goddamn the mouse really wants me to see the rise of skywalker. Just got the same thirty second ad twice in a row.
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