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  1. Sick ass full plate concept. I still maintain Morrowind had the coolest steel plate (Would have been better in modern graphics ) but relatively keeping Oblivion's design was a good idea by their dev team.
  2. Nick has nightmares whenever his closet door is opened. Hell I just get nightmares and sleepwalk anyway
  3. @Witchking of Angmar Bruh what's going on in your country? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.scmp.com/news/world/europe/article/2145896/thousands-people-sweden-get-microchip-implants-new-way-life
  4. Not always, looking at you BigSnitchBalrog , but those were for Rome 2 and recently Warhammer 2. Med2 doesnt have co-op.
  5. I have 1250+ hours in Medieval 2 total war, single player only
  6. Divinity Ill grant you, but it has a pretty good story RTS I play isn't quite multiplayer. I play it single player 97% of the time. Dark Souls? Its not multiplayer until I decide to invade
  7. Boi I haven't played a multiplayer game in god knows how long. Don't you get salty on me now for not finishing Witcher
  8. I just lost interest and had so much else to play at the time. I'd continue my playthrough but Nick is borrowing my Xbox One for now.
  9. Finished season 3. Breh. Eoah. Yes eoah, not a mistype not at all.
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