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  1. Phew when you limit yourself to either ultra's or regular hammers Fume Knight actually becomes a challenge outside his few broken hitboxes. Took me quite a number of tries to kill him with the slow ass Greatsword.
  2. In my opinion it's Ivory King, Alonne then Fume Knight. Ivory King when set up with all the knights at your side is just plain epic, despite the frustration of replaying the beginning every single time you die. Fume is a fun little boss to fight with good hitboxes and moveset and alonne, well Alonne is the Lady Maria of Ds2.
  3. Elana, Squalid Queen the most frustrating boss I fought in my original run of Scholar was fucked up in one try (with melee >:D). Despite all my whining and bitching I have improved decently well in this game. Edit: Only one crown remains, the most badass boss of all the Ds2 DLC's...Ivory Kang
  4. Gwyn doesn't look like a rider of rohan, he would look fucking wrong without his majestic beard.
  5. Because it makes him look like he's from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings. Don't get me wrong I have a mustache myself. Certain characters just look weird with mustaches.
  6. Something hilarious that Nick pointed out to me a while back when we were playing DsR. If the Altar of Sunlight truly does depict Nameless King before he went hollow, then the ruined part of his face reveals he had a fucking mustache. Let that sink in
  7. I think Balrog was being sarcastic, that is the goofiest shit ever.
  8. Like I said, y'all created a monster by introducing me to Dark Souls
  9. I'm buying that game for me and Nick, we're gonna be playing on release.
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