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  1. Sir you know damn well I'd add- Never mind, checks out.
  2. And every Nord, Breton, and Imperial must pay ten gold a head to every Redguard of course.
  3. Then Baldur's griffin is instantly vaporized by a Sunbird.
  4. Doesn't that shit make you enter a stupor? Not so much crazy ass battle rage high.
  5. Contemplations Far-North Skaldic War-Poem Terrible is the power of my arm The Nord crumbles by the axe it bears I stand in want of mead, hungry and tired The Nord-Ghost echoes a prayer. From the sky, a Terrifying Nightmare appears Wreathed in stormcloud, her throat-curse strikes me Ailing in squalor I see the sky part Sovngarde. As I lay in squalor, deathly prayers fill my heart The Nord-Ghost sits high, never in want of mead I call to the Nightmare, in uplifting prayer The smell of deathly serpents is strong, as prayers go unanswered. I am uncertain, what awaits us?
  6. At first I read that as serf, Dale's got dethroned on social media.
  7. Where Colonel's at, Dales finally deleted her tumblr blog.
  8. @ColonelKillaBee Ayy I'm pleased my retcons have been translated well to (digital) paper! With my current knowledge of the lore and experience writing, I'm exercising a vision of Roscrea that actually fits with the setting, while being my own thing. Knowing your love for the metaphysical and symbolic shit in Elder Scrolls, I thought you'd enjoy the Nightmare, perhaps even One-Eighth more then Doc? In case you don't read any of my more recent Origin posts, the native Roscreans are about the closest thing you'll get to a successor to the Dragon Cult. Ald-Tusk (The native deity that's hybridized between Alduin and the oversoul, Aka-Tusk) is the chief of their pantheon as a quasi-monotheistic religion. Jhunal is the only Nordic god worshiped by the natives, hint hint due to the Druids hint hint, while the Dov are revered as near-gods. After the events of Skyrim there was pretty serious friction between the Alduin/Aka-Tusk worshiping natives and the Haafingar-Folk.
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