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  1. Oh I know more then Balrog thinks of what he's said about me behind closed doors
  2. There's a difference between trash talking and being flat out an asshole, which I was in that last comment.
  3. And without even bringing up Ludwig, I've done feats that none of you have from both Souls and Bloodborne, and I'd know too from the bragging here.
  4. Honestly I don't mind that I got help. If that's what I needed to become better as a player, instead of being stuck forever, then so be it. Since you really have it in your head I regret this I'll tell you straight up and won't care to delve further. I got help, I don't regret it, and your smack talk is actually meaningless. I've gotten more riled up (Albeit not even by much) on losing our duels, which again, dex build
  5. A quick interlude between our smack talking. I know why you won't play Ds2, but why not Demon Souls? It's free when used with the emulator, it's certainly not the hardest (minus a certain Lurker) but it's quite the experience playing the grandfather of the Souls series.
  6. Oh that, since you bragged about lying so much. I can't let you go without reaally knowing how you pussed out.
  7. Bring up my bad sleeping schedule? The quarantine throwing my routine all out of wack, it actually isn't fun at all but I'm just not tired and end up staying up until five and getting six hours sleep.
  8. I've been sleeping rather well actually thanks! Although my sleeping schedule is all out of wack.
  9. Oh, excuse me, you're among the masses of casuals who gave up on Sekiro. Better?
  10. I told him to eat my ass because he died many times against Manus and considers him one of the hardest bosses, whom I stomped on. My ass is still waiting.
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