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  1. Really nervous about all this but me and Nick (mostly Nick) spent two days researching computers for us. For me we decided on building a computer for 772.59. Parts are bought and being sent, should have all parts no later then next month. Nick is most likely getting a good high mid-range prebuilt for 1800. Ill be able to play modern games at high-medium for no lag and all total wars at sexy ultra settings. Hell, maybe even be able to play Ds3 on pc
  2. Theu gets a unique debuff if partnered up with all three of Colonel's candidates, Shunned. Reduction in sanity, accuracy, magically damage and high chance of forlorn trait when low sanity. Can only be ridden under certain circumstances
  3. Theu would be a party member that needs to be kept in the back. He would have very high sanity and magic abilities but is really squishy and cannot raise other member's sanity. His melee ability is abysmal and arcane can be furthered either in mysticism+ destruction or pure mysticism for unlocking older more wicked magic.
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