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  1. Crypt escape, followed by them fleeing only to survive thanks to the timely arrival of Howland Reed and the Crannogmen to spirit them away in the face of the pursuing undead army.
  2. Oh, I thought you meant that showed up in posts, which could be true too idk. But yes I have fleshed out a lot of noble families lol But this one was actually one I just made up on the spot lol. I only have down to the barons established, so the vassals of duke and barons I have to make up whenever they come up. Even I'm not crazy enough to go that deep
  3. Yeah, this is why I went through an upcoming plotline I had planned and combined two characters lol. I really don't need to add any more than is totally necessary
  4. Nah, just this setup for a post. The main characters and the post's place in the plot are all very different from the original incarnation, I just recycled the idea and setting for it
  5. Well you'll be happy to hear she's in the post Doc and I have just about finished. It's probably one of my favorite's of hers, and one of my favorite posts. Probably because some version of it has been around for literal years, since Pomp was here
  6. To be fair, it's only pretty good for all the stuff I made up, and sorta shit for the rest of the roleplay. I can recall stuff about High Rock well but will find myself forgetting side characters in other people's plots. Honestly it would probably be better if it was the other way around since all my stuff I have written down and can search easily
  7. Different letters. The letter Theo learned about Dales marrying Skjari came from Skjari, while the letter from Dales was in regard to him asking her for the use of Legion troops in High Rock
  8. It was from Lorgar and he thought Lorgar was crazy for suggesting the soul binding thing lol
  9. They really are going about this whole super important quest thing the right way. First stop party, second stop library, I mean it's the standard questing step by step guide
  10. Well, they'll have an opportunity to learn soon enough. The first stop on any quest should always be....the library! Especially one run by a bunch of bard-historian-monster watchers. Slight spoilers for a future post for everyone else lol I feel like Morane and Zuhkal should've assumed the journal would be more difficult to get to than it was up until they got hit with that spell. Until then it was standard cast breaking and entering, and they didn't really exercise enough caution The Theo one probably is too high level. But Gracchus also shouldn't let people he doesn't really know read his letters. You're supposed to shred personal information, otherwise someone might steal it
  11. Gracchus's was letting Theo know about the soul binding, since that turned into a huge thing with Albecias, and led to Gracchus having to compromise his morals to put an innocent man in prison. Tacitus's was not telling the Thalmor what his name was and losing a hand in the process because he's a stubborn dumbass. And killing someone and thinking he could suffer no consequences Morane's was thinking she was just gonna be able to break into Anvil and steal Azra Nightwielder's journal easy peasy. Theo's was the stuff with Duke Mon. He let Mon get entitled and was one spy's message not getting through to him away from what would've been a pretty effective plan to undermine Theo by basically funding havoc all over the place.
  12. It was really the fact that they were from the Reach. If they were regular Nords, or the cure hadn't called for summoning Reachmen would be knowledgeable about, he probably would've offed them
  13. I don’t think the Hound will die. He still has to fight his brother. I fully expect Jorah and Grey Worm to eat it, along with Theon and Beric. Probably Tormund too. And Dolorous Edd. If Ghost dies imma be pissed
  14. Doc and I are nearly finished with a post. In a startling turn of events, it's actually me who's holding things up . Should be done pretty soon
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