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  1. Been playing through Dark Souls 2. I think I found something summarizes all it's failings. They reskinned Sif as a Giant Rat you fight in an underground lair. What were they thinking
  2. He's going to do the Goblin Dance, and look down to see a thousand arrows sticking out of him
  3. They didn't complain when Goblin Slayer literally murders Goblin babies
  4. Goblin Slayer is edge lord nonsense It's pretty amusing though. They still follow the same formula, a bunch of cowardly mooks who go down against dedicated opponents, unless using crafty "sneaky" tactics.
  5. Goblins looked kinda creepy in Morrowind to be honest It's a shame how popular culture has degraded them into fuck ups. I hear in old Fay stories, they were quite terrifying.
  6. Couldn't be worse then Treebeard reading the full Silmarillion to you
  7. I was so tempted to misspell it. I could hear dark spirits whispering to me "do it..."
  8. Man, this feels so weird cause i'm reporting support tickets for work at the same time I wrote that.
  9. Well here it goes.... screw you, and your white hoes, I don't watch to touch anything as straight as a toe nail. Keep yo Milk Maids bitch, cause I already milked them of all there milk. Fuck ya'll Nords, humping your giants and your goats. The real barbarians are my OG's, the Orismer, dancing with all the giant insectees, while all the princess's dance on my lappee, with Septims being thrown. We going to ravage those Thalmor-dodo's, i'll take the asses of there hoes, cause I can lick like a snake. They all scream, D.A.L.E.S, i'm there Empress bitch, and I don't take noooooos. My homeboy, N.A.A spitting balls of flame, is going to ravage there hays, going to burn there crops, and tear them apart for taking away my babes! I deck him in B.L.I.N.G, i feed him a dozens robbers a day! My studs are going to reap and rage, with there gleaming axes I gave them! Legion's going to march, as they fuck shit up, with their dickings. I got a giant O.G, when ya'll snow monkeys come yapping they going to be baned. Ya'll can stew in your mountains, because it aint nothing but ice and rocks. You better run bitch, cause I like to cut heads, not stab my homeboys in the back! I'm going to rebuild C.Y.R.O.D.I.I.L, and I aint making shit up!
  10. Yo, yo, bitch...you are going to die...yo he? Am I doing this right?
  11. What's he going to do, kill us with spa baths and nail dressings
  12. The Bulgarian Mafia don't scare me, neither do you hair-dresser
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