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  1. Were you using overclock software by any chance? I fried my last graphics card that way.
  2. I like that though. It gives an even greater feeling that your exploring a dead world. It's not like in other RPG's were your preventing the end of the world, it already happened here, and your just trudging through the ashes
  3. That's 90 percent of major plot points in Dark Souls for you
  4. If you ever decided to play again, you can summon me for help. It's a sunbros duty to help those who need help
  5. I wouldn't call the profaned flame minor at all. It's directly connected to Yhorm and Pontiff, two major characters in the lore, and allowed Pontiff to take over Anor Londo (which is another super major event in the background) I'm not saying he didn't. There's stuff like the Dark Souls 2 Giant corpse, several armor sets, and explicit reference to King Vendrick and the Fume Knight, but it's all very minor background stuff. I think it's just to say, "Yeah it's canon, but has zero relevance to the plot."
  6. And honestly, let Dark Souls rest. It had a great run, there's zero reasons for a sequel. The world literally ended! They went from it's creation (Gywn's rebellion) all the way to the literal end of the world. Give me Mayan Souls, or a gothic medieval spiritual successor in the vein of Demon to Dark Souls, like Dragon Souls or something. Miyisaki is at his best when he's doing new IP's.
  7. Miyisaki has made sure 2's effects on the series as a whole have been very minimal. So I doubt it.
  8. Regardless of lore concerns, Dark Souls 2 is the only game Miyisaki didn't have a hand in. And it really shows. It's a decent game with alot of problems. The fact the DLC is very good doesn't change the fact the base game is pretty much a downgrade to the first game in every respect. The fact the same team made the excellent 3 (with Miyisaki leading them) just tells me it wasn't the salvage team (B team) fault at all, the original director and the original team are the ones who ruined the game.
  9. I'm salty Aldia thinks he has any right to judge people despite the fact he has scores of tortured, broken bodies on his hands and an endless amount of other horrible sins
  10. Let me take my violin out. Aldia's a fucking dickhead who got what he deserved. Atrocity after atrocity. If anyone deserves praise, It's King Vendrick.
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