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  1. Or maybe it's just that he likes people are just as weird and assholish as he himself is
  2. Baldur's friends are a dude who burned down a city, some psycho girl that's probably going to become a serial killer, and Dales (which say's enough). I don't think he's a good judge of character
  3. Dark Souls Item description, Ruins of a Nordic settlement "A strange, flimsy artifact artefacts encrusted with Walrus Semen, that reek of self importance, tradition and swearing. This strange item belongs to dead, sea-faring culture of annoying Northmen. If humanity is so annoying, why bother with it all? Throw at Elves to enact snickering, pompous laughter. "
  4. Everytime I read the last few posts with Baldur, my reaction 99 percent of the time is "Fucking Nords...."
  5. That's what makes it so amazing. It's literally the filth and shit of the entire world. The boss itself is just the player going into a swamp to murder an innocent woman and her lover, but the dialog is absolutely chilling, (Another reason why I love that FROM writes first in English ) It's one of the most unique fights in the series.
  6. Maiden Astrea is still my favorite "boss" You go in a swamp to murder a knight and his lover, who are innocent people trying to bring light to the abandoned and poorest people in the world, all the while she screams, cries, curses to God, and begs you to spare her love. And if you kill him first, she kills herself.
  7. Vikind But yeah, removing the Proxy War between the God's sucked ass. The movie was already spitting on historical authenticity (Hoplites in the Bronze Age pffft) why'd they remove the coolest part?
  8. That would have been hard to do with all the mythological elements removed from Troy. And it was clear the movie was selling itself on sex and huge battles, which the Odyssey lacks.
  9. Yeah but fucking Sean Bean was Odysseus How can there be any better thing?!
  10. The movie Alexander though was so boring. I couldn't watch it. I fall asleep everytime I try to watch it.
  11. "Who will inherit your Empire my liege?" "Ya'll cunts can kill each other to fight over it's corpse it dies with me!" He's overrated, but I still respect him. He was a badass leader.
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