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  1. I'm pretty doubtful myself, since I remember wanting to quit when I reached that fight on my own playthrough, but I powered through after a few hours of deaths Though i'll say Blighttown is when most people who aren't going to finish the game quit.
  2. My sister beat the Taruas Demon in three tries. She was able to figure out the gimmick herself. She almost raged quit when the Black Knight kept killing her, but I told her she could fight it later when she was stronger Got passed the Dragon. I told her Gywn and his gang are the good guys, she'll be a champion of flame
  3. Isn't Atmora a dead continent though? There's practically nothing there but ruins. I guess them living on it's coast and taking from the sea could justify that though,.
  4. I would imagine they could have settlements on Islands, and hunt leviathans and sea monsters as a food source. I would imagine there like the Sea Elves, they rarely show up on mainland Tamriel.
  5. Why is that Elf wearing Nordic warpaint, Cultural appropriation
  6. I wish it wasn't the case, but alot of that isn't trolling, there is legit people who think modding destorys the "sanctity" of a game, and erases developer intent Ain't kidding. I was hoping it would vanish once Bethesda made mods avaiaible for console, but there's still scores of idiots who'd rather play vanilla for whatever reason,
  7. Naughty Dog would want excruciating acts of violent committed upon them, and a "kick the dog" mini game
  8. I'm playing Silent Hill for the PS1 right now, and there's these creepy demonic children (or there supposed to symbolize children anyway) that you can mow down with a shotgun in the Elementary School. Not gunho at all about that feature (never have installed a kill children mod in Skyrim) but I find it funny a game for the 90's let's you do it, but practically ever game, even RPG's that let you be monsters otherwise, don't include it
  9. Well looking at some screenshots, they look much better then the mainline TES ones.
  10. It's even worse for the High Elves cause there supposed to be proud Elves! And they all look like Witches
  11. Disagree hard, not that anyone looks good in Oblivion, but the fact they got someone who I think has throat cancer to voice the females, with the granny look, the creepy narrow faces, and that disgusting pallor of orange makes them look like tall oompa loompas
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