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  1. If we tale Final Fantasy 15, that game became fucking great when it was re released as the Royal Edition. Or No Man's Sky. While devs should be commended if they legitimately make a lacking game great...it dosen't excuse when it was released.
  2. Games certainly need to be complete at launch. It's getting a very worrying trend were people scream "It'll be good in a few months!" over and over again, dosen't excuse for the lack of content EVEN if it turns out good later on.
  3. Worst part is how hurt Joe seems. Bioware meant alot to him.
  4. Luckily meats, pasta, and stew are what I live for When I was on Keto for those four weeks, Pasta is what I missed the most TBH. Pasta, rice, and noodles are the shit.
  5. If I ever see you in real life, you need to cook for me colonel.
  6. Okay maybe Total War levels are too much. But at the very least like 50 v 50.
  7. At this point I rarely do the Civil War questline anymore. For some reason it REALLY dosen't respond to mods well. The scale of battles will always be shit. Always wanted it to have the scale of Total War but I doubt we'll ever get anywhere close to that with this fossil of an engine.
  8. That's always the case for your first Soulsborne title. I'll always get misty eyed remembering how magical Dark Souls 1 was for me. Enlightened me
  9. *Brainwashed by Bethesda into thinking it's vanilla implementation was lite for so many years* Todd must pay...
  10. He seemed more sad then angry...which is pretty shocking. The game was in development for six years, how did it end up like this...
  11. *We've seen barely any bosses/gameplay* Marketing is on point, can't wait to go in blind. Is anyone else buying on release week?
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