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  1. Unless he wants to do an eternity of grinding, I doubt he'll ever see it! That's why I hate the dungeons so much. They lock something so cool/important behind it's shittery.
  2. This ones really cool. Doc edit: Don't watch this, Colonel! There are some surprises in the fight that I wanna hear your reaction to live!
  3. *I troll about a new FROMsoft Nordic game* *Turns out the New Fromsoft game is at least partially inspired by Norse Mythology * I guess all that ends well is all that matters right
  4. I can apppreciate there super well made, but they've never been my thing. But this one looks to be more along with my preferred fantasy.
  5. The Yharnam Queen should have been in the fucking base game. She's a super important character in lore. Yet they lock her in the grinding slog. A shame. BTW the New Zelda game was announced. Honestly...looks fucking cool (and I ain't a Zelda fan) seems super dark, kinda reminds me of Souls.
  6. I personally despise the mechanic, but i'm glad you guys were able to find enjoyment in the Chalice Dungeons I still hate how they lock so many cool bosses behind something so annoying. Hopefully if they reintroduce it in a later title there's alot of refinements.
  7. Honestly since this is Celtic/Nordic I really hope we get more early medevial-esque stuff, full helmets to be sure, but more chainmail and less plate.
  8. U aere bad people let buy mistero orange buttface. Long liveeeohj te mappple leafo!
  9. One of the very few characters who fought from the start of the Clone Wars all the way to the final battle of the Empire. Crazy if you think about it.
  10. I feel this is a little superficial though. PCGamer, whose KNOWN to be fucking bought out by Epic (Epic hosted there E3 conference and gave them a buttload of cash) previews for Cyberpunk were super positive. Can someone...not like a game? I heard the gunplay is a little stiff (which I have no problem with because it's an RPG, but maybe that aspect of a game is super important to someone else) If the criticisms are not something dumb, and legit gameplay concerns, I think it's okay not to like a game. Rex is a character from Clone Wars and Rebels (He was designed by Lucas to be the face of the Clone Troopers on the show), Anakins Second in Command, a Clone Officer. He fought in both the Republic and the Rebellion to restore the Republic, By coincidence there's a character who looks ALOT like him Return of the Jedi, this Rebel Commando in Endor, and it become an extremely popular fan theory, because they were both active at exactly the same time, and they look very similar (down to there beard, eyebrows, and mustache looking exactly the same) Disney just confirmed, through a retcon, it was indeed him.
  11. So the Star Wars cartoon Galaxy of Adventure just confirmed that fan theory that's been going on a decade ago, Rex was the Old Man on Endor Fuck yeah. Everyone thought Rebels made it canon, but Dave Filoni clarified the reference to him fighting on Endor and the outfit was just a nod to the theory and he thought it wasn't his place to put Rex in there. Seems like Disney liked it enough
  12. “Personally, a world that is happy and bright is something that just doesn’t feel realistic to me. It may sound like I have a trauma or something,” he said with a laugh, “but I believe that the world is generally a wasteland that is not kind to us. That’s just the way I see it.” -Hidetaka Miyazaki 2019
  13. The part about George writing the history and background of the setting reminds me of Michael Kirkbride focused on writing about TES's creation story, it's background, and the world around when he was writing for Morrowind. Really good use of his talents.
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