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  1. Don't ever think GOW is about to be over becase boom 5 more hours.
  2. Before I do this it was Czars idea @BigBossBalrog Have fun weeb.
  3. Yeah I'm kind of lucky with the gamestop I got there. They know me by the name and i'm pretty chill with all of them. I have nothing against gamestop or at least the one I go to, but I have also been in some really scummy ones before.
  4. Eh. Me when they have good sells going on or when I got stuff to trade in. I've figured their system out well enough that I bought one game and was able to get 4 more games before I had to spend another dollar.
  5. Oh hell no drag me? Ill drag y- Nah id probably die. Also ds3 fire fades edition is only like 20 at gamestop.
  6. I don't know I think Andre is gonna take the flame from your character at this point. That man has been around forever now.
  7. Same type of question from earlier what was everyone's favorite ost from ds1
  8. Got ya. I just thought Miyazaki had a thing for using the same names.
  9. Lore question as I don't know a lot or really much or the lore tbh was Gwyn, and the other people with gwyn in their names related? (don't feel like spelling)
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