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  1. On a more serious topic hate on The Phantom Menace all you want. But the battle music for Darth Maul will always be my favorite.
  2. Touche. *Clamp clamp* I guess the clap of yoda's cheeks are not welcome here.
  3. Okay so essentially what I got was a good ol *flops dick on table* See mine is bigger fiasco here. *Confetti*
  4. *Clamp* Give me the money Czar or I'll get Colonel to help me.
  5. "Yes, because Sam would call out his own name while having sex with Frodo."-DaddySolaire
  6. Omfg thanks for the laugh. But thank you. And i tried to fix the neck but I couldnt for some reason.
  7. Not even done reading the whole thing, but about half through all I have to say is WELL FUCK
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