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  1. @ColonelKillaBee If you made that so send me instructions lol.
  2. who you calling a heretic. Lol I never said I wouldn't give the show a shot but I don't have Disney+ so.
  3. I want one of those just to put on top of my PC just red because my system is amd and msi.
  4. Not gonna lie baby yoda is the only reason I want to watch the show.
  5. I'ma be honest mental health break for my self. I have major seasonal depression during fall and winter.
  6. Antiocheia, Kyrene, Alexandria, Knossos, Pergamon. Come here baby.
  7. The council of the Nick hive mind do NOT give out such info. You must ask Nick 2039r1 your self.
  8. Nick. Is nick valentine. My name is nick. Us nicks are a hive mind don’t fuck with us.
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