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  1. GRRM would’ve killed Jon snows ass a second time
  2. I was so confused and made the mistake of digging and realizing it was leaked. I was soooooo pissed
  3. Also unfortunately saw Brienne being knighted a day ahead. Remind me to stay off tumblr Saturday/Sunday.
  4. Imagine how I felt seeing that BS from gifs on tumblr days before it aired.
  5. Does anyone else think that ice spear throw was bullshit?
  6. This woman’s coloring is so good, always feels soft, and pleasant to look at. https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/183805502608/hello-courier-a-quick-almost-new-vegas-picture @Celan https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/183731391033/i-finally-finished-it-solas-and-my-ellana-in https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/184351706718/cold-harbor-is-a-very-calm-and-dangerous-place
  7. Honestly if he does fall for that “trap” he’s dumb as fuck. Going after him before when there wasn’t an army was one thing, but now? With dragons and dragon glass aplenty? I’d fuck up their forces with my dragon and draw them out and when they’re crushed, go after Bran at my leisure.
  8. I highly doubt your computer just got totally fried, even when that happened to me after a storm, it was just the motherboard that was affected. Everything else including my memory was fine. So worst case you have to get someone to transfer it unless you got a spare computer yourself that you could hook up your HDD or SSD to. But, my moneys on it just being the GPU. If it was the motherboard it wouldn’t turn on at all. If it was your HDD or SSD, there’d still be a display.
  9. Balrog just bein salty at him badmouthing his boi and the flame but yea, meh to everything in ds2
  10. YES forgot to mention that, or say something like I want to rule alongside you beb, or fucking something.
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