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  1. Turns out the regular Holy Moonlight Swords better for me lol, tho only because my radial gems are better than the one I have that can fit into crescent. For now. 823
  2. Finally found a good one, boosts my sword to 806 damage and the only negative is a 3% stamina cost increase
  3. with reduced health, slowly falling health and increased damage against me, yes I do
  4. I’ll be on tonight at 11:30 eastern if anyone wants to jump on for ez top tier radial gems
  5. Family finally realized I was right after someone at grandmas job said her iPad is a Verizon version, not T-Mobile, lol and now they’re taking it to the Apple store to get it fixed At this point I don’t care, got my 50 bucks lol, I just wanted the You Were Right.
  6. Whoever buys it and is still playing deserves to get butt fucked by them so it’s whatever at this point.
  7. Lol no I was in bed I just meant that’s what me n doc were up to. In fact I’m thinking of doing the whole “quest” on cursed fetid rotted mode for gems. Imagine how hard that’d be for the Amygdala
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