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  1. So... what I gathered from this is that the gods were unrecognizable from their past, now effected by their modern representations through multiple cultures so they shot those freaks down?
  2. I was going by the gross nasty monsters but then, he’s a different kind of grotesque and disturbing so it works.
  3. It’s a very uniquely told story but so was the one reborn who had tons and tons of build up. As did Aldrich
  4. Ah lol missed that. Was reading something while it was playing in the background.
  5. Wow disney was really different back then, he called her a heifer cold blooded
  6. I'm not begging anything, I just said that I could beat you lol. That's facts. I've seen you fight invaders before too
  7. You can say what you will about me but my build is the most non cheese non meta build ever, I use the fucking Zweihander
  8. I know for a fact that even now with years going by since I've played souls that I'd STILL play patty cake patty cake with Balrog's cheeks one on one.
  9. Balrog absolutely positively will not play anyone in PVP anything. He knows his place, lol.
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