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  1. I'm past his level with no practice, playing one handed while receiving a blumpkin.
  2. It feels so strange playing DS3 again. Lol I missed my tanky character All this health, all this endurance and being able to block I actually had to make myself block since I kept forgetting to and just went at shit with my Zwei... which, is I guess how I always did things lol Its like riding a bicycle tho, easy peasy. Also, ROFL I didn't realize how different PC DS3 was to BB in appearance, it makes DS3 look new gen.
  3. Really I don't play games that much anymore to get bent out of shape, and the car is still sexy AF I got hit by a truck on a busy highway and lived, and now I have a fucking 2017 Nissan Maxima with goddamn turbo boost . This shit just doesn't phase me anymore.
  4. Yea. It's not like the car is ruined or anything, hell my ma looked right at the bumper and didn't notice till I said something. But I notice I mean I just got it yesterday. But yea, it shouldn't be an expensive or hard fix, they'll probably just buff it out pop out the skinny line dent or something, I dunno. Nothing I can't manage. As for the PS4, fuck it, I was gonna buy a new one anyway, and my BB saves are in tact. GoW, eh, it's not like playing it over would be bad, I know how to get back to where I was and it's fun enough not to be annoying. I'm already over it tbh.
  5. This is why I don't like having real nice shit tho, now I'ma be obsessing over this stupid car and I hate those type of people. Ah well.
  6. The only real reason I'm probably not mad is because I'm more annoyed about my car getting dinged somehow without me noticing SIGH. It's a very small series of dings though, looks like someone hit it with the grocery store carts in the parking lot. Only one is longer than an inch, and I don't think the paint is scratched on the bumper so I might have an easy repair under 200.
  7. It’s not even worth the trouble. It’s saying to reinstall the system software so I’ll try that with my usb.
  8. Well boys, that’s that. PlayStation finally died. Can’t access memory after a power out so it won’t start. Not even mad, don’t care anymore. Ill buy a new one later. At least my bb saves are on the cloud, but not GoW.... :((((
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