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  1. Also, see about trying to contact a representative there in Hawaii, my mother did that a few times and got lucky. Kept her out of Iraq for instance after my brothers dad died and she was pregnant with him. Otherwise they’d have sent her ass off amazingly.
  2. Don’t let that shit make you slip too far back on the drinking man.
  3. I did everything in this match 71 percent of team damage on that fight. That's ridiculous.
  4. No matter what I do, I cannot upload a 4k video that doesn't look like shit afterwards. Frustrating.
  5. Further info on the giants, there's a sea giant public boss I did a while back and happened to record that has a crown of what I guess is stalhrim, because it doesn't melt obiously. His name is Ysmgar.
  6. How TRUE Nords train. If you don't train like this get the FUCK OUT OF MY FACE
  7. I been avoiding the topic cause I'm tired of hearing about it tbh and I'm just ready to whip out the AR if someone starts trying to roll on my block for real, but its important that y'all are aware, this ain't just a bunch of angry niggas behind this, it's Antifa, and the democratic party:
  8. Plus it’s a whole continent, I doubt a Vivec, if he went out there, saw all of it, especially if it’s really that cold.
  9. It says that giants are there, his poetic license not withstanding, so for me that’s enough to say they were, plus their immunity to cold. They have big ass ships that are probably fast as fuck with how strong they are for rowing, so it’s not like they’d starve. Really it seems simple to me lol
  10. How’s that a problem lol that fits the chieftain perfectly. Also Vivec a lying bitch.
  11. Indeed, plus ice immunity, and lol, what Doc said about mk's giant king pic and Talos. Tho they're raiders, they could hopskip from island to island, they don't gotta actually live there in Atmora. Tho if they did, it would also explain their need to raid in the first place. Then again there's barely any islands out there, not like there's an abundance of food, and they're huge.
  12. And islands aren't normally a great source of good iron. Atmora would be tho, plus they could literally just mine ancient giant weapons from the ice.
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