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  2. Sir you know damn well I'd add- Never mind, checks out.
  3. As if the design isn’t funny enough, it’s even funnier that that thing has spurs. Now I’m imagining it on a horse, one leg down to the side, another awkwardly draped over the saddle because it doesn’t quite fit over properly, and a third bouncing around up in the air like a creepy stand-in for the torso.
  4. So I just found out that the Isle of Man has the funniest freaking flag in history.
  5. Last week
  6. Thought this was pretty cool. Someone made a DnD starting sheet for TES races. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EVyDxb4svVK8CoIrSDo9dDpVWNYfKqPtlO1q63A6aKc/mobilebasic
  7. Yeah, my sister is scared shitless of The Depths, might tell her were the secret shortcut to Blighttown is since the tunnels are so frightening to her
  8. I did catch that. I always assumed it anyway, tbh. I doubt there are any human nobles in Cyrodiil who don’t have a hefty helping of Imperial ancestry. And Breton and Nord would be very common as well. In fact, statistically, there should be like a 99% chance that she and every other Count/Countess has a Tharn in her family tree.
  9. Oh and btw, if you didn't notice there was a small implication behind Dales heritage.
  10. Yeah that would have made him obscenely old even in the flashbacks. Attrebus was a young adult like a century and a half ago.
  11. I was going to mention he was born during the reign of Emperor Attrebus Mede but didn't know if the timelines would quite match up; he's super old though, could have been born during his super late years of ruling
  12. That is pretty much exactly what I was picturing from your description.
  13. Don't tell me he isn't the perfect old warrior to base someone's looks off of
  14. Video unavailable This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  15. Unless she’s secretly an all-knowing tree god with a penchant for letting everyone around her die and uncharacteristic ambitions for the Ruby Throne, I’ve got no issues with her. I did notice you had an Orc acting as her Hodor figure. Which is fitting except Hodor was a friendly simpleton. Orcs are more the violent sort of simpletons.
  16. I'd though you'd have more of an issue with gender bent Bran But in my defence; she was born with the disability, rather then pushed out of a tower.
  17. The enemy I killed See, he and his crew of four had been beating the shit out of me n my bigger group every time we came in contact with them to the point that they almost took some of our keeps and castles by themselves. I thought it was just because my group really weren't pvpers, just zergers, and I personally could take any one of them. Turns out that was true I got into a few 1v1s with them and killed them. The first vid and first clip, he was the one I killed the most yet with his boys I cant touch him because my team just wasn't ready for em. Their sets likely aren't complete. Hell some aren't even level 50. The guys from the other factions also come here to beat on the scrubs in the pact a lot so they get caught off guard once in a while running into dudes or chicks like me.
  18. The problem with Avitus is a wrote him cause I wanted a Legion pov character to use for Chapter 4; he's stuck in limbo cause Chapter 4 is still so fucking far away and I thought I could do a moderatley small arc for him as a start I'll get to him as soon as I finish Dales. And I have full intentions to finish Dales trip to Sutch. And yeah i've been really enjoying writing her. I think her growth started earlier, but it really developed after the Moot. Getting splattered on a mountain changes your perspective on things I mean she's always been super young. I think she's mostly had a good heart, and good intentions, but she's had horrible role models in the form of Krojun and Lorgar; and now that there influence is starting to wane, she's developing her own way through with the help of more positive influences; Gracchus and Baldur (and I use this in RELATIVE terms). I
  19. Oh shit I realized I left out one hilarious clip I'm not gonna say what it is yet, it's short n sweet but fucking funny, i think it was involving that first guy in the vid too. You're gonna love it
  20. I did some tinkering with it, before I was very good on sustain, meaning I could pump heals and attack all day but damage was meh, and thats recommended believe it or not for no cp stuff, or, I could go back to melting as you said. I compromised and dropped damage just a tad for better survivability, which I think I found the perfect balance. I can't fight all day usually but if the fight drags on that long I'm usually gonna die anyway. So, may as well lean damage and kill em quick, or hope someone comes in for the save. Which leads to me being able to survive getting ambushed a lot lol and you get ambushed in Cyrodiil pretty regularly. It was even worse when I was Emperor The buffs are crazy good, and made for a pretty epic video I got comin up too.
  21. Damn, your maxed build really does melt now, doesn’t it? Those scrubs are dropping like Dark Souls hosts.
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