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  2. Also, see about trying to contact a representative there in Hawaii, my mother did that a few times and got lucky. Kept her out of Iraq for instance after my brothers dad died and she was pregnant with him. Otherwise they’d have sent her ass off amazingly.
  3. Don’t let that shit make you slip too far back on the drinking man.
  4. So, here’s what I’m currently going through, so in the army there’s this thing called command sponsorship. Basically it’s to get your spouse and or children officially sponsored on your orders. The reason that’s important is because the army will pay for their plane tickets, give extra money per sponsored dependent per month, give extra pounds for army funded household goods transfer, etc. well in Hawaii, you have to have at least 12 months left on island to get command sponsorship, or if you have less than that they have to be a Hawaii resident. that being said, my wife was command sponsored to the island by her step-father and at no point in our marriage have I had 12 months left on island. So basically I got told to fuck off. In addition, as y’all know, she’s pregnant and when it’s time for us to leave my child will be 3 months old. so essentially what I’m trying to say is after years of hearing the army spout off about taking care of soldiers and their families, in addition to 34 months of service with no hiccups or trouble, the army here in Hawaii is refusing to take care of me and family. AND ITS PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF. tl;dr fuck the army p.s. I have been drinking a bit
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  6. Doc, she has the single greatest Dark Souls player of all time helping her. His radiant godlike skill at PVP shall be her guiding light.
  7. I'm pretty doubtful myself, since I remember wanting to quit when I reached that fight on my own playthrough, but I powered through after a few hours of deaths Though i'll say Blighttown is when most people who aren't going to finish the game quit.
  8. It’ll be the funniest shit ever if the child decides on her own to extinguish the fire, becomes a Darkwraith, and starts grieving Sunbros. Balrog would be heartbroken. Though tbh I wouldn’t expect her to get much farther. The early parts have lots of easy solutions and gimmicks that a little kid can figure out. But some of the upcoming bosses? I kinda doubt it. No way she reaches Ornstein and Smough, but if she somehow does, that’ll be a brick wall.
  9. My sister beat the Taruas Demon in three tries. She was able to figure out the gimmick herself. She almost raged quit when the Black Knight kept killing her, but I told her she could fight it later when she was stronger Got passed the Dragon. I told her Gywn and his gang are the good guys, she'll be a champion of flame
  10. Last week
  11. Phew good god after not playing Bloodborne since the beginning of this year, jumping back in against Martyr Spam wasnt easy. Took me four attempts and I only died due to his spam, which once I got back in the groove dodged without effort.
  12. I did everything in this match 71 percent of team damage on that fight. That's ridiculous.
  13. Bruh that Giant went hard as fuck, he never skipped leg day in his life.
  14. No matter what I do, I cannot upload a 4k video that doesn't look like shit afterwards. Frustrating.
  15. Further info on the giants, there's a sea giant public boss I did a while back and happened to record that has a crown of what I guess is stalhrim, because it doesn't melt obiously. His name is Ysmgar.
  16. How TRUE Nords train. If you don't train like this get the FUCK OUT OF MY FACE
  17. Oh trust me I’m aware lol I’ve seen the videos of the guys actually inciting the riots and looting
  18. I been avoiding the topic cause I'm tired of hearing about it tbh and I'm just ready to whip out the AR if someone starts trying to roll on my block for real, but its important that y'all are aware, this ain't just a bunch of angry niggas behind this, it's Antifa, and the democratic party:
  19. Plus it’s a whole continent, I doubt a Vivec, if he went out there, saw all of it, especially if it’s really that cold.
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