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  2. At this point, after all this buildup, I will be incredibly disappointed if anything less turns out to be true.
  3. I'm past his level with no practice, playing one handed while receiving a blumpkin.
  4. Dude you need at least an hour practice after all that time to get on Balrog's level
  5. @ColonelKillaBee Woooow that host was trash. All you had to do was distract his friend and let the mobs do the work for you.
  6. Gundyr: I'm the most punishing boss to heal in. Descendant: Hold my blood vial.
  7. I think this dude was one of the scariest bosses in a Fromsoft game, and that sinister freaking music definitely helped.
  8. I just know Colonel's going to like the fight. Rewatching it myself I can only imagine how strong she'd be in her prime with that blood magic.
  9. We've actually been blazing through them on the weekends. I think Colonel is only three or four layers away from that boss.
  10. B r u h What do you think Dungeon Squad has been doing? We are all in the final dungeon.
  11. Which dungeon is he in? Especially at the High Wall with the big ass bow from Ashes of Ariandal.
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