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  2. Actually, ploughing Ygritte in the cave was definitely his highest high, but successfully gathering an army to take back your lifelong home has gotta be an easy #2.
  3. The first time was bad enough in the books. It wasn’t in the middle of the night while he was out for a stroll. It was in broad daylight five minutes after he gave a rousing speech to rally the Free Folk to fight with him against the Boltons. Went from highest high to lowest low just like *that*.
  4. GRRM would’ve killed Jon snows ass a second time
  5. It was way worse to me. The Battle of the Bastards was a result of multiple characters being stupid. But the wight hunt was that plus the universe bending over backwards to make sure the heroes don’t die for their stupid decisions. The way that everything worked out shouldn’t have been physically possible.
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  7. For me it was like the Battle of the Bastards; Jon runs into a stupid situation and is bailed out by someone riding in to save the day. But with the added aspect of "why the fuck are they doing this to begin with?"
  8. I was so confused and made the mistake of digging and realizing it was leaked. I was soooooo pissed
  9. Also unfortunately saw Brienne being knighted a day ahead. Remind me to stay off tumblr Saturday/Sunday.
  10. I’d half think it was a series of edited cuts or something.
  11. Imagine how I felt seeing that BS from gifs on tumblr days before it aired.
  12. That whole episode was bullshit. By the time it happened I was pretty much just like “whatever”.
  13. It brought him down. Imagine what three more could do if they took aim while he was grounded. No need for new characters. Meera and Howland are established, so it could just be them and a bunch of nameless Crannogmen. I wanna see some swamp people.
  14. Does anyone else think that ice spear throw was bullshit?
  15. Cersei stated her strategy was to let the Northmen and Dany throw themselves against the dead so that they would be too weak to challenge her. I highly doubt she will invade the north, back in early seasons she lectured Joffrey against this idea. Though if it's depopulated, she might change her mind, and she could threaten the Riverlands as the Lannisters did before. The scorpion didn't hurt him much, I'm more worried about the Night King's ice spears. We could see the dragons taken out of the picture then the playing field becomes much more level for the human conflict. I doubt they'll introduce new characters but it would be awesome if the Northmen have to retreat south, to see some crannogmen/ Children of the Forest magic stop them at the Neck. Hammer of the Waters is what did it before.
  16. So far, the NK is like one of three still living characters who hadn’t hinted at being dumb as fuck, so I’m holding out my hopes.
  17. This woman’s coloring is so good, always feels soft, and pleasant to look at. https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/183805502608/hello-courier-a-quick-almost-new-vegas-picture @Celan https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/183731391033/i-finally-finished-it-solas-and-my-ellana-in https://seashore-od.tumblr.com/post/184351706718/cold-harbor-is-a-very-calm-and-dangerous-place
  18. Honestly if he does fall for that “trap” he’s dumb as fuck. Going after him before when there wasn’t an army was one thing, but now? With dragons and dragon glass aplenty? I’d fuck up their forces with my dragon and draw them out and when they’re crushed, go after Bran at my leisure.
  19. Or he just plays it safe and never even gives the good guys a chance by entering the battlefield. That’s how he’s operated so far, always hanging back and letting his forces do the dirty work while he watches from afar. Only exception was the 3 Eyed Raven’s Weirwood cave. And that seemed personal, like he wanted Bloodraven for himself. Hopefully it’ll be the same with Bran so their trap (if you can really call it that) can work.
  20. One interesting twist could then instead be that they kill the Night King early, only for the rest of the White Walkers to step up and keep going.
  21. What we do know is that the Night King can instantaneously resurrect thousands of people at once in a very large area. No idea if the rest of them are that strong, but from what we saw at Hardhome, he should be able to keep a safe distance and still mass resurrect Northmen, Unsullied, and Dothraki as they die.
  22. One thing I wonder though is if they kill one White Walker and his forces crumble, can another White Walker rez those fallen?
  23. I think it could be possible if you kill a few key White Walkers that their forces crumble enough to become a trickle. In which case they would need to regroup to form a solid mass for attack. But that's a big if and relies on stuff like that the White Walkers they kill control a sizable portion of the army.
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