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  2. I don't think they should be commended for that, not in principle anyway. Maybe if it wasn't their fault, like their publishers forced their deadlines but the company as a whole really shouldn't be. It's why I refuse to play no man's sky despite how good my boi claims it is. I'm just not doin it, fuck that guy and his punk ass snicker. I'd like to blame new generation gamers and it is mostly them, but there's also a looot of apologists out there who will defend a game company to the death because they're worried about their fucking feelings. Like Bethesda and their fan bases Todd Worship. I don't care how much you like nerd boys, or his sob story about being one and wanting to make games. Fuck him, lol, and seventy dicks. And fallout 4. And whatever the fuck Starfield is. Theres actually memes online making fun of people who say 76 is a bad game. Imagine that shit
  3. If we tale Final Fantasy 15, that game became fucking great when it was re released as the Royal Edition. Or No Man's Sky. While devs should be commended if they legitimately make a lacking game great...it dosen't excuse when it was released.
  4. Games certainly need to be complete at launch. It's getting a very worrying trend were people scream "It'll be good in a few months!" over and over again, dosen't excuse for the lack of content EVEN if it turns out good later on.
  5. If they dont stop with this games as a service shit, that's a wrap for dragon age as well. I am not buying that shit if I find out it's super bare bones and they're gonna patch shit in later or release dlc to make up for the shitastic launch like Destiny. Y'all can fill me in on the lore bits, but I'll live. And beware because I know there's gonna be so much good marketing for it just like there always is, and lol they're gonna have Solas in the forefront but be careful. They're gonna use Solas to catfish yo ass when you least expect it.
  6. Mass Effect is still my favorite space drama as far as games are concerned, which is saying a lot since Halo is on my top games list. So yea it hurts. Dragon Age was up there too for fantasy, even with the disappointing aspects of DA 2, and how mind numbing most of Inquisition was. The one thing they still managed to do well was characters and lore. Now I don't think that's gonna be enough to carry them except for their most die hard fans, which I no longer count myself as such.
  7. Worst part is how hurt Joe seems. Bioware meant alot to him.
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  9. "Bioware is MINE! And you'll never get them back! Muahahahahaha!!" This was hilarious, but, also really really sad too
  10. Luckily meats, pasta, and stew are what I live for When I was on Keto for those four weeks, Pasta is what I missed the most TBH. Pasta, rice, and noodles are the shit.
  11. I gotchu fam. Though tbh it's Celan's cooking you need. I'm just good with meats, pastas and stews.
  12. If I ever see you in real life, you need to cook for me colonel.
  13. That was quick lol, thank you. Can watch while eating my mean ass spaghetti. Three pounds of ground beef, half a pound or so of ground sausage, a whole link of smoked pork beef and turkey sausage, two in a half cans of prego, diced tomatoes and green peppers, garlic, brown sugar, paprika, and a pack of noodles. It is meeean mean mean.
  14. Seems pretty lore accurate to me actually I almost cut that part out but said fuck it, was kinda kewl how the imps got one hit KO'd from that from above.
  15. Until 7:20 when he suddenly became an anime character and broke the game.
  16. That’s sick, bro. He’s your favorite character, right?
  17. Good shit man, even with all the frame drops and stuttering that was a fun battle to watch.
  18. Got Daniel Logan’s signature, he’s the actor who played Yound Boba in Attack of the Clones
  19. Galmar got so caught up in the Thalmor killing that he had to take some aggression out on Faleen while he was at it. That was great. Definitely should’ve been left in.
  20. By improved I mean thunderchild's thu'um mod actually lets you improve the power of your thu'um overtime in various immersive ways, mine is over 100 percent favor with kyne with a max of 200, plus some ordinator perks that also help a bit. So yea, my Storm Call's power was pretty gross, they were weak enough to have most of their health gone after a strike or two. And apparently the lightning is drawn to people either struck by lightning magic, using it, etc, so every time they got close while I had my lightning shield activated, zap Good times.
  21. To give you an idea, every time I've done this the Imperials had the advantage because of some forts that I didn't bother to take, meaning they had more reinforcements than we did aka respawns and greater numbers, more damage output, etc. But my Dragonborn's thu'um is improved so much that simply having that thing activated was enough to tip the scale in my favor every time. I'm starting to wonder if that also fucked with the game's script a bit lol since I really should've lost and been forced to take those forts. *shrug* git gud scripts.
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