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  2. That was my thought as well. What’s everyone else’s stance on a slow game of Diplomacy?
  3. Seems kinda perfect for us lol. Since we’re slow as fuck to respond to anything almost
  4. It can rather involved as you create treaties and form alliances. Though you can put the turn timer from between 1 day to to 1 week to make sure everyone has enough time to talk and submit moves.
  5. Its pretty bad that I'm mentally reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in Dr. Seuss' voice. That's how its written.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Well its designed to be smacked around a good bit, and made of "impact plastic", but I still wouldn't go too hard. I've accidentally hit walls n shit and its still fine lol but I won't be smacking into anything but my brother and his blade. Also they make it flash when it gets hit so I'm sure they knew people would be punishing these things. About the only warning I got was to be careful on the tip, but it said at worst if the tip comes off you can just superglue it back on. Also, the blades are replaceable.
  8. I found an interesting little game that we all could play. It's called Diplomacy and it's about stabbing each other in the back. http://webdiplomacy.net/index.php?
  9. Nice! I recently got a saberforge lightsaber. I did a mystery box so I got a green bladed silver metal holy. Sound and all. It’s pretty badass
  10. How sturdy are they? Like if you went outside and started hitting shit with them, how much would you have to hold back?
  11. I don't know how I typed holy but it was supposed to say hilt lol.
  12. got these for my bro n me, 11 different colors, all sorts of sounds as you wave it, flashes on impact, Holy made of aluminum. I got the black one, his is black and silver. That one comes Wednesday. And I’m beating his ass outside at night as soon as it comes in lol
  13. Just a heads up, I’ve been busy on the weekend but this week I’ll be workin on posts, promise. So as not to be a hypocrite Between my guns, girlfriend and new lightsabers, I’d just forgotten.
  14. Last week
  15. Been playing through Dark Souls 2. I think I found something summarizes all it's failings. They reskinned Sif as a Giant Rat you fight in an underground lair. What were they thinking
  16. I’ll bet anyone $50 that his next animation will be Finna vs the Snow Prince.
  17. I love this guy’s videos. The Argonians’ response song is good too. My favorite is Pelinal, though.
  18. the top comment says “Good thing I’ve got that 75% resist fire, because this would have killed me otherwise”
  19. Got a new monitor for my pc. I’d been using a 19” tv for years, but I’ve got a 27” Curved screen monitor and it’s fucking amazing
  20. Just got back from the theater. Man 1917 was a great movie, it had some extremely good sound design and choreography. Plot was good too. Yall should give it a watch. Speaking of watching, @ColonelKillaBee watch The Lighthouse fuccboi
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