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  2. Turns out the regular Holy Moonlight Swords better for me lol, tho only because my radial gems are better than the one I have that can fit into crescent. For now. 823
  3. Finally found a good one, boosts my sword to 806 damage and the only negative is a 3% stamina cost increase
  4. Today
  5. What is Todd is actually being forced to do these things, and is chained up in a basement at gun point by Bethesda Stock investors while he screams for help and he's been trying to communicate with us for help
  6. The funniest part of it all is that today is October 23rd, the day the bombs fell in Fallout.
  7. I started reading more about this because I noticed some internet ranting, and man it is so bad. $100 per year just for the option to play in single player, and instead of private servers, it’s private sessions, so every time you log off, the world resets. And there are other features locked behind this subscription, like some perks and unlimited storage (which they said before was impossible... apparently not if you pay them). And this is all after Pete Hines said over and over, very clearly, that all additional content, including DLCs and content updates, would be free. That the only thing they’d charge for is cosmetics. They also announced just before this that the expansion all their players wanted, the one they’ve been hyping people up for that would finally add NPCs to this barren shithole of a game, is getting its release date pushed back half a year. I no longer think the game is cursed. My new theory is that they are intentionally sabotaging it. Not even a curse could fuck things up this badly.
  8. with reduced health, slowly falling health and increased damage against me, yes I do
  9. I’ll be on tonight at 11:30 eastern if anyone wants to jump on for ez top tier radial gems
  10. Yesterday
  11. I think it's clear Horse armor put darkness inside Todd A deep layer of darkness, a darkness so deep no one was able to see it till now.
  12. Just calling it riot armor would’ve made more sense, but I’m guessing that associating it with the Desert Rangers was better for branding.
  13. It looks pretty ugly too. It's so lazy. Why could't they have make their own variant of the Riot armour suited for Forest combat by some U.S ranger group in the Appalachians? That might be kinda cool?
  14. Ah yes, how could they leave out NCR Ranger armor in a game set 2000 miles from California... and set 84 years before the NCR existed. It’s crazy that people on the forums still sweat bullets trying to defend Bethesda’s handling of the lore. They couldn’t be more obvious about not giving a shit.
  15. Family finally realized I was right after someone at grandmas job said her iPad is a Verizon version, not T-Mobile, lol and now they’re taking it to the Apple store to get it fixed At this point I don’t care, got my 50 bucks lol, I just wanted the You Were Right.
  16. Whoever buys it and is still playing deserves to get butt fucked by them so it’s whatever at this point.
  17. Lol no I was in bed I just meant that’s what me n doc were up to. In fact I’m thinking of doing the whole “quest” on cursed fetid rotted mode for gems. Imagine how hard that’d be for the Amygdala
  18. Bethesda now has a subscription service for 76 its an elite club (there adding exclusive NCR (wut...) ranger armor too it, meaning you have to pay 12 bucks a month for it). Both utterly pathetic and super scummy . https://mobile.twitter.com/Wario64/status/1187009135595810816/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1187009135595810816&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231187009135595810816
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